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ABM for Electronic Components: Next-Level Marketing to Reach the Anonymous Buyer

The market for electronic components in 2018 amounted to $42.3B, with exports accounting for $7.7B. Although annual growth decreased by 1.4% between 2012 and 2018, the industry is anticipated to grow slightly at 0.7% annually until 2023, and imports are projected to rise 1.8%. Increasing computer ownership around the world and the proliferation of IoT has significantly impacted the market for electronic components.
With small gains to be made in the electronic components industry, the need to differentiate among competitors has never been more crucial. A strong marketing strategy is pivotal for this differentiation.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The state of the market for electronic components,
  • Why understanding the new breed of B2B buyers is imperative,
  • How to focus marketing efforts on key accounts that drive revenue.

Hungry for more? Find out how the electronic-components industry is changing and what that means for marketers.

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