Account-Based Retargeting: A Powerful Strategy for B2B Marketing

Account-Based Retargeting (ABR) is a new and very efficient B2B strategy for acquiring target prospects, and for strategically up-selling to your existing accounts. First, by pooling data collected by your sales and marketing teams, it becomes possible to identify the target accounts that visit your website. Then, by analyzing these target accounts, it is possible to determine a personalized approach for each, allowing you to expose them to relevant messaging through scripted display campaigns. It’s an approach which can complement your marketing automation email campaigns, allowing you to identify more “top of funnel” target accounts and to retarget them through banner ads.
Furthermore, ABR brings added value to classic retargeting campaigns. For example, if a marketing representative from Boeing notices that both Emirates and United Airlines have been on the Boeing website, but United seems to be a higher-potential prospect, Boeing can decide to retarget only United and not Emirates to nurture the lead and work towards closing the sale. That way they can focus their advertising expenditure on the account more likely to progress to sale rather than wasting it on a prospect less likely to buy. They can also tailor the message to specifically United, increasing their chances even further of closing the sale.
By only targeting priority accounts with customized content, ABR opens the way for campaigns that are better controlled and more cost effective. If you want to know more about how ABR works, take a look at our B2B Retargeting Guide or better yet, try it for yourself.

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