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Get Known for New Things: ABM in the Building-Products Industry

Smart-home technologies are moving into commercial and industrial buildings, and building-products companies known for more traditional product offerings are challenged to market these new product lines to existing customers and prospects.
The housing boom is driving rapid growth in the building-products industry, and, like many B2B companies, building-products manufacturers struggle to get known for new things. The buyers for these new product lines may be different from buyers for the companies’ traditional offerings, but, even when buyers are the same, these existing accounts often don’t connect their building-products suppliers’ names with the kinds of smart building technology they seek.
In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How building-products companies are diversifying their product lines with smart building technology.
  • The challenges faced by B2B building products manufacturers in communicating a personalized, relevant message to their target accounts.
  • How ABM can help building-products companies reach known and unknown members of their target accounts, speeding up sales cycles and increasing deal sizes.

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