Leader Series: Angela Heintz

We spoke with Jabmo’s VP of Worldwide Human Resources and Operations to learn more about how she cultivates a tangible culture at an ever-changing global company.


Describe Jabmo’s culture in 3 words.

Learning. Supportive. Fast-paced.


Would Jabmo’ers agree?

Absolutely! If you look at our Glassdoor reviews, you’ll see words like “teaching,” “learning,” and “dynamic” over and over again. We’re a start-up, so change happens rapidly and often — and that’s how we like it. Embracing this fast-paced environment, however, wouldn’t be possible without a growth mindset. Our employees take this philosophy seriously in fostering both their own and their team members’ professional development.


Jabmo’s values are Entrepreneurship, One Team, and Customer-Centric. How do you encourage Jabmo’ers to live out these values in their work?

It’s deliberate. And it starts with who we hire. We hire people who don’t need micromanaging and don’t micromanage others, who simply own their work from start to finish. We hire smart individuals who share their ideas and present opportunities for their colleagues to do the same. We bring on people from all over the world with track records of going the extra mile (or kilometer) to support their team members while putting the customer first.

While these qualities come naturally to our team, we intentionally foster a culture of earned praise with our monthly Culture Awards. Throughout the month, Jabmo’ers nominate team members who have demonstrated notable commitment to our values. We hope our values provide clarity to our employees in their day-to-day interactions with each other and their customers.


What does the future hold for Jabmo?

Bring on the Jabmo’ers! We look forward to bringing on more team members who think like owners, take initiative, and come with unique skills to share with colleagues and customers alike — all while continuing to cultivate a tight-knit community across teams, departments, and borders.


Check out Jabmo’s Glassdoor reviews here.

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