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Marketing is everywhere.

That statement can prompt a number of responses:

  1. Everything I do and everywhere I go, I’m being chased by promotions and marketing.
  2. Really? Huh. I don’t really notice.
  3. Yep—and I love it. The things that are important to me are accessible, even things I didn’t realize I needed, which helps me be find what I want.

The world of consumerism is getting more laser-focused, with relevant messages and information presented to us every day… every hour… every minute… you get the idea.
The challenge for B2B marketing is that the information your target accounts need is already available. With a few strokes of a keyboard and a search engine query bar, buyers can access a seemingly limitless stream of facts about their business and their needs. To add to that, your main point of contact within an account (let’s name her Jane Buyer) has several team members and influencers who are likely self-educated. These individuals can sit within the same company, the same building, even within a 20-foot radius of Jane Buyer, but marketers and sellers will likely never know their names or contact information.
Ultimately, the number of people involved in buying your product or service is growing. They’re then educating themselves early in their decision process by conducting online research—and coming to conclusions quickly. And they remain unidentified the entire time. This leaves marketers with questions that can be hard to answer.

  1. Our marketing content is available on our site. But, who’s reading it? And, what are they reading?
  2. I know that Jane Buyer at Buying Company is opening our emails, but what else is Buying Company reviewing collectively? What can this tell us about where they are in their buying cycle?
  3. We have marketing messaging and a defined buyer’s journey, but how do we deliver it in a way that is effective?
  4. How can I empower sales with more information about their buyers?
  5. How can we educate existing customers about enhancements in our product/service offerings in a new way?
  6. How do we know we are reaching the right people in the buying decision?

Sound familiar?

Have these questions come up before within your Marketing team? If so, have you been able to answer them qualitatively?
Helping B2B marketing teams answer these questions is what I enjoy about my work everyday as a Jabmo Global Customer Success Manager. Together with my clients, we dissect exclusive insights that are available with intelligent technology. In turn, relevant and personalized marketing is precisely placed in front of key decision makers through online advertising. Through our accounts-based marketing model, my customers have capitalized on many benefits:

  • Increasing web traffic by over 300% from defined target accounts that are qualified in marketing funnel.
  • Gaining Traction from Influencers—One client saw 60% of target account-based advertising traffic coming from unique visitors. This is a powerful insight that shows a broader range of decision makers within the buying committee are engaged—and likely wouldn’t have come to the site without ABM.
  • Qualitive Assessment of your target accounts’ placement in the buying cycle. Sales may be struggling to have their phone calls answered, or to get a reply to their email. But, trust me, all is not lost! This is where Marketing comes to the rescue. Through deeper insights into site performance and buyer activity, Account Sensing pulls together all the details necessary to decipher where buyers are in their buying process and what’s important to them.
  • Standing Out—As mentioned, Marketing is everywhere. How can companies stand out and compete with all the noise? With real-time personalization and hyper-focused messaging that is relevant to individual accounts, getting the attention of your prospects and clients is achievable.

The mysteries that once plagued the Marketing mind are no more. Through account-based marketing, we’re helping B2B markets succeed.

Guest author: Kalyn Lewis, Global Customer Success Manager

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