Buying Changes in the Oil and Gas Industry

You used to be able to sell products to people you know. Now you have to sell solutions to teams that you don’t.
Dealing with new cost pressures and unprecedented fluctuation in oil prices, companies in the petroleum business are having to find new ways to position themselves to sell. What used to be a high margin, quick transaction between buyers and sellers has transformed into a complex and dispersed buying process. Instead of focusing on a specific product or a specific point in the supply chain, suppliers are now having to redefine their strategy and provide integrative solutions that cover the entire value chain.
Adding to the frustration, traditional sales and marketing strategies are no longer effective. In today’s oil and gas environment, longer buying cycles, larger buying committees and anonymous web visitors are the new norm. These recent developments pose a new challenge: How do you get to know, educate and influence your prospects when you’ve never interacted with them?
In this report, you’ll learn:

  • Why reaching anonymous buyers in a personalized manner is crucial,
  • How to build targeted influence amongst decision makers,
  • How to cultivate long-term relationships that are essential in the oil and gas industry.

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