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ON THE CONTRARY: It’s Okay for Anonymous Buyers to Stay Anonymous

The last decade was defined by marketing-automation tools aimed at unveiling the identities of unknown web visitors, turning them into known contacts, and, eventually, prospects. B2B marketers remain fixated on collecting MQLs they can pass on to sales in order to prove the value of their efforts within their own organizations. Many believe marketing effectiveness is measured through the ability to identify unknown web browsers and barrage them with emails.
On the contrary, markers should let anonymous buyers remain anonymous. They’ve chosen to fly under the radar purposely to avoid unwanted emails or calls from sales development reps.
Letting them remain anonymous doesn’t mean we shouldn’t—or can’t—reach them with personal, relevant marketing messages.
Account-based marketing enables B2B marketers to reach these anonymous buyers within their targeted accounts with tailored messaging that speaks to the specific challenges and use cases relevant to each account. But ABM is not just an acceptable alternative for reaching decision makers whose email addresses have yet to be captured — in fact, it’s much more powerful.
With ABM, B2B marketers can reach anonymous buyers before they ever begin their product research. This early engagement enables the marketer to set product expectations and influence the consideration set for an eventual purchase. By the time an email address is captured when that buyer fills out a web form, the research journey is well underway, and the buying committee within the target account is likely already talking price.
Email marketing is an essential late-stage engagement tool, but when companies use it to engage too early, they annoy and frustrate their prospects. ABM can reach those same early-stage prospects in ways that are less intrusive and more captivating.

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