Drive engagement and boost your conversion.

Identify your anonymous website visitors and personalise your marketing messages.

Turbo-charge your marketing ROI with B2B website visitor identification and personalisation

Today 90% of B2B buying cycles start with an internet search. Identifying and tracking accounts behaviour online is a key priority for all businesses.

Expandi Account Tracker allows you to identify anonymous web site visitors so you can monitor the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, adapt engagement strategies, and focus on accounts interested in your offerings.

You can activate the Account Tracker on your main site or on campaign-specific sites in a very simple way.  Using our analytics modules, you can quickly identify and engage the hottest prospects.

Fuel your marketing, and sales teams with the Account Tracker.

Why Expandi

Precise Identification

Our Account Tracker is connected to the most comprehensive B2B database of company IP addresses. We can identify the maximum number of visitors connecting to your web pages from the office or anywhere using a VPN connection.

Unrivalled Visitors Insights

Our Account Tracker is connected to the best EMEA B2B database of companies’ firmographics and financial information with optional access to key Decision Makers’ contact details giving you the best visitors insights.

Automatic Customisation of your marketing messages

Thanks to the identification of your anonymous website traffic, you can personalise the content of your website or campaign landing pages using multiple filtering options: Industry type, Company size, Account Name, Stage in the Buying Journey.

Integration with intent data and digital advertising platforms

The Account Tracker can be integrated with our award-winning intent data and digital advertising platforms so you can plan and execute effective and personalised marketing campaigns on the accounts that matter most.

Advanced Analytics

Thanks to the Tracker analytics module you can analyse visits in terms of traffic source, origin, company firmographics, and purchase intent giving you the best first-party intent information.

Plan and execute effective
and personalised marketing campaigns.

Boost ROI with traffic identification and content personalisation.


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