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Thanks for joining me for the second installment of The ABM Playbook! Throughout this blog series, I’ll be sharing highlights from the ABM Huddles I host every month on Jabmo’s social channels. Stay tuned as we cover trends, challenges, best practices and all things ABM. 

This time, we’re going to look at a hot topic, one that’s currently top of mind for businesses in every industry. I’m talking about the supply chain crisis.

Since COVID-19 hit, B2B businesses—including manufacturing and life sciences—have struggled with supply chain disruptions. Whether it’s supply shortages that cripple production, shipping bottlenecks and delays, or ongoing staffing issues, these problems all boil down to one thing: they just can’t get products to customers.  

What does this mean for Marketing? Unfortunately, some business executives have decided to stop their digital marketing efforts. Their mindset: Why market what we can’t deliver? Then they start cutting budgets left and right.  

But I’m going to offer you the opposite advice: Don’t stop your marketing efforts.

Digital account-based marketing (ABM) is like a freight train. It takes some time for your program to pick up speed. But once you get going, it’s a powerful force. If you pause your efforts, you’re going to lose all that momentum and mindshare you’ve created. You’ll have to start the train all over—and your company won’t be top of mind whenever your key accounts are ready to buy again.   

Fortunately, ABM can help your business stay relevant and connected with prospects and customers, even while experiencing breakdowns in the supply chain. You’ll just need to shift your messaging away from the product-centric approach. 

What kind of messaging could resonate with your key accounts? Here are three examples that have recently worked well for Jabmo clients:

  1. Compassion and appreciation 
  2. In one great example, a medical device manufacturer was looking for a way to keep the connection strong between its brand and key accounts. We helped the company launch a “thank you” campaign, showing appreciation for frontline nurses and healthcare workers. There was no call to action, no product message. It was a genuine, empathetic “thank you” message acknowledging all their hard work and the challenges they’ve faced throughout COVID-19. And the message was well-received! These ads ended up having one of the highest click-through-rates (CTR) of any of the company’s past campaigns. 

  3. Assurance around existing products
  4. Manufacturers face constant pressure to innovate and offer the latest solutions. But during the supply chain crisis, one Jabmo client saw the benefits of promoting older products that were still available. This healthcare manufacturer ran into challenges producing a new product it had been promoting. Due to supply shortages, the manufacturer couldn’t get a component it needed, and the product release wound up being delayed.   

    So, the marketing team shifted its strategy. To keep key accounts from searching for solutions elsewhere, they used ABM to target key accounts with messaging focused on the value of their existing product. They assured customers that the existing product would be capable of meeting their needs until the new product becomes available. With this approach, the manufacturer still earns all that valuable mindshare and stays in constant communication with existing accounts when it matters most.

  5. Going green
  6. ABM can help you deliver messaging promoting your company’s values. And for today’s B2B buyers, these values are starting to factor heavily into buying decisions. Take sustainability, for example. Dedicated efforts to “go green” can attract customers, just as much as product can. We recently worked with one bottle cap manufacturer who experienced this firsthand. Whenever the manufacturer responded to a request for proposal (RFP), a big part of the process involved sharing its sustainability metrics and goals. Now, the manufacturer is allocating more budget than ever towards environmentally driven branding and messaging.

    These are just a few great use cases for ABM during times of supply chain disruption. At Jabmo, our team can help you brainstorm creative strategies and alternate routes to keep those lines of communication and engagement open with your most valuable accounts. 

    Reach out here, and we’ll get started!

    Tune in on the second Thursday of each month, as Jonathan’s ABM Huddles go live on the Jabmo social channels. Watch his recent huddle on ABM use cases during supply chain issues here.   

    About Jonathan Alves: As VP of Client Success & Strategy, Jonathan works with global enterprise companies to get the most of their account-based marketing investments by aligning marketing and sales teams around business outcomes and implementing proven ABM methodologies.

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