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Disruptive Thinking in B2B Marketing

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Disruptive Thinking in B2B marketing

For complex selling organizations

Disruptive B2B Marketing

I am often asked what our disruptive vision is for B2B marketing in complex selling organizations.

Over the years, I have refined my list and I thought I’d share it with you.

Legacy Modern B2B Marketing
Relationship Selling Digital Relationship Marketing
Running Sales Plays Turning Sales Plays into Marketing Plays
Sales & Marketing Alignment Aligning with Key Accounts
Marketing Funnel Buyer Journey
Reaching Known Contacts Reaching Extended Buying Groups
Email Marketing Automation Omnichannel Marketing
More Leads Engaging Key Account Buying Groups
Asking Sales to Convert Leads Giving Buyer Journey Reports to Sales
Click Through Rate Anonymous Buying Intent
MQL’s Target Account Sales Meetings
Downloads Target Account Pipeline
Trade Shows Account-Based Marketing
Ads in Trade Publications Zero Wastage IP Ad Targeting
Third Party Data First Party Data
Local Coverage International Reach
Winning New Accounts Expanding Key Accounts
Promoting New Products Providing Commercial Insight
Tracking Marketing Spend Proving Marketing ROI
B2B Marketing Tech Stack Comprehensive ABM Platform
Marketing Ops in House Outsource Execution to Specialists

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