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Over the past year, interest in account-based marketing (ABM) has grown significantly with no end in sight. Along with the looming death of third-party cookies, this has created new challengesand opportunities!for B2B marketing agencies. Since Apple has already phased out third-party cookies on Safari and Google will do the same on Chrome within the next two years, B2B marketers need to find new ways to reach their target account buying groups. 

To help B2B marketing agencies through this transition, we’ve developed the PowerPak Agency ABM Solution. We recently announced we’re opening up our platform and company IP database to B2B agencies. This is huge! 

With PowerPak, agencies can transform how they drive ABM campaigns for their customers. This IP-based advertising solution provides a powerful, privacy-compliant way for B2B agencies to engage known and unknown buying group members in large target accounts.

The B2B Advertising Solution for Today’s Marketers

Many B2B agencies are still using third-party cookies in an attempt to reach buying groups in target accounts, but it’s time we move away from these old standards. Consumers are demanding greater privacy over their personal data and as third-party cookies are phased out, advertising campaigns that rely on them will be far less effective. 

The PowerPak Agency ABM Solution is a zero-wastage B2B advertising solution that eliminates the guesswork surrounding which company employees are seeing and engaging with your clients’ ads. This subscription-based, self-service offering will allow B2B marketing agencies and industry professionals to access Jabmo’s curated IP-based company audience segments to help them engage customers’ target accounts throughout the entire buying cycle.

Stay Smart and Flexible with PowerPak

Regardless of the B2B marketing use case, Jabmo can support your team through flexible solutions for account-based advertising in conjunction with the PowerPak Agency ABM Solution. Along with the purchase of IP-based segments, Jabmo offers managed services and integrated analytics which allow advertisers to have an omnichannel, account-based view of how their target accounts are engaging with them and derive valuable sales insights.

B2B agencies can opt for a self-service subscription to our Agency ABM Solution which would allow them to run programmatic ads to ad segments composed of IP addresses of the world’s largest companies. Agencies can then manage the DSP, campaign setup and integrated analytics dashboard. The add-on of managed services could be anything from setting up the DSP to run properly, optimizing performance, or highlighting insights in the dashboard.

Getting Started with PowerPak Agency ABM Solution

Jabmo’s self-service ad segments are ready to use with major DSP’s like Xandr, MediaMath and the TradeDesk. They include company/IP addresses, campaign settings, pacing, whitelisting, and brand safety. The target account audience segments are truly global, spanning the USA, EMEA and APAC. As a reminder, agencies can also add Jabmo’s integrated omni-channel account-based analytics and range of managed services to their PowerPak subscription. 

If you are a B2B marketing agency and would like to receive a quote for curated IP company audience segments for account-based advertising then simply upload your target account list on the Jabmo website. If utilized correctly, these segments will help your customers get the most of their marketing budget while growing engagement, sales activities, and revenue with key accounts.

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