Ensuring a Home-Run: 3 Ways That Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Healthcare Companies Can Harness The Power of Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

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Have you ever tried using left-handed scissors? Or tried swinging a bat from the right side if you’re left hand dominant? Sure, you could, and the job would get done, but it wouldn’t be very efficient and definitely wouldn’t be as effective.

In the same way, companies in the global manufacturing, healthcare, and life sciences verticals have notably different needs for account-based marketing (ABM) than other verticals. Historically, these companies have embraced a more traditional marketing approach such as trade shows and have not yet beefed up their digital marketing and sales enablement staff like their peers in other verticals such as technology. This is why these companies need an ABM platform vendor with a strong managed services team like Jabmo, to handle the heavy lifting. Selecting an ABM platform vendor with an experienced managed services team means that companies with relatively small digital marketing teams can see time to value from ABM in months.

Here are three ways that manufacturing, life sciences and healthcare companies can leverage data and new technologies to dramatically improve their sales and marketing performance:

1) Find an ABM partner best suited for your vertical

Since 2014, Jabmo has been the ABM platform of choice world’s largest manufacturing, healthcare and life science companies. The Jabmo platform and services are designed for the unique sales and marketing challenges experienced by companies in these verticals. Most other ABM platform providers are focused on technology clients seeking to use third party data to reach thousands of potential net new accounts. With each passing day, legacy marketing tactics are becoming less effective and manufacturing and life sciences verticals need innovative solutions to drive revenue growth in key accounts. Jabmo truly understands personalization in these verticals and can send targeted ads to known and unknown buying groups across digital channels. Jabmo’s strategy will help marketers go deep on top accounts, eliminating marketing wastage and driving key account growth.

2) Provide sales reps with data driven insights. 

In the era of digital marketing, the majority of buying decisions are no longer made by individual contacts, and instead by large, often anonymous buying groups. Some of these buying groups, like hospital staff, may not have the time to attend webinars or other advertorial events featuring innovative products. As another example, manufacturers may browse between equipment or software services entirely anonymously and have already solidified their purchasing decision prior to contacting the sales representative.

An ABM platform provider with IP-based technology, like Jabmo, allows vertical-specific companies to prioritize key accounts by revealing anonymous buying activity from accounts on their website and digital marketing channels. Jabmo lets marketers engage with their key accounts in a true omnichannel approach, from IP-based display ads, to social media, email and more. With these insights, Jabmo helps manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, and other industries that rely on complex sales for growth to become leaders in the new world of data-driven B2B marketing and selling.

3) Drive more engagement with global omnichannel ABM

As mentioned previously, tech companies experience the best growth by winning net new accounts. By comparison, it is best for global manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences verticals to target within the top 20% of key accounts. This is in alignment with the 80/20 rule, which theorizes the top 20% key accounts are the powerhouses that will generate 80% of revenues! To increase profitability, marketing efforts need to focus on expanding relationships with these existing accounts.

This is where Jabmo can step in with proven technology and expertise to help marketers go deep on top accounts, eliminate marketing wastage, and drive key account growth. The most profitable ABM programs focus on existing accounts using first party anonymous buying intent data, leading to dramatic increases in both marketing engagement and sales growth. Jabmo’s experienced consultants can help determine which ABM strategies work best for manufacturing and life sciences while building ads and emails that bring results.

The Next Frontier of ABM

Today, some of the world’s largest companies in these spaces leverage Jabmo’s omnichannel ABM platform, international reach, and managed services to achieve their unique marketing and business outcome goals. Even analysts agree that Jabmo is the best fit for manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, and business services. On top of that, Jabmo offers the only omnichannel solution for ABM with international reach and managed services that helps manufacturers go deep on target accounts across all digital marketing channels.

If they haven’t already, your competitors will soon realize the benefits of an ABM solution provider that understands their vertical and industries better than any other providers out there. Are you ready to beat them to the punch by embracing Jabmo’s full-service capabilities within focused verticals for account prioritization on the Jabmo Omnichannel ABM platform?

To download a book on examples of ABM ads from companies like yours please visit: https://jabmo.com/account-based-marketing-creative-portfolio/

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