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Preparing for the future has become a hot topic for B2B sales and marketing teams. It is so prevalent that Forrester has even coined the term “Future Fit” to describe the ideas and initiatives that businesses should be implementing to help them prepare for the road ahead.

However, recent studies by Forrester show that only 40% of businesses have adopted a ‘Future Fit’ model, with a large portion of B2B sales and marketing teams still operating on outdated models of selling and buying in the digital advertising arena. Most marketers and sales leaders are aware that the landscape has changed, but many still struggle with digital buying groups in their key accounts.

The ‘Future Fit’ model focuses on three core tenets: adaptivity, creativity, and resilience. For B2B sales and marketing, these ideas should center on aligning the two teams around high priority accounts and enabling them up for success in engaging target account buying groups early and throughout the buying journey.

Over the last few years, account-based marketing (ABM) has become a best practice methodology and technology to address the brave new world of digital buying and selling. This is why businesses not yet on board should consider using ABM to bolster their marketing and sales performance. Digital Omnichannel ABM is a powerful new means to help sales & marketing teams align, identify and reach priority accounts in a much more efficient way than the old way.


COVID-19 changed the B2B buying landscape drastically, considering that many industries previously relied heavily on trade shows and in-person events to engage with key accounts and drive sales. Sales & Marketing teams had no choice but to quickly transition to online events, webinars and video meetings, but left marketing and sales teams high and dry when it came to using data to prioritize accounts and drive timely marketing and sales actions.

New technologies are here to help: look no further than account data platforms from ABM vendors like Jabmo that collect and unify IP and 1st party account level data from website, email and advertising. This is what powers account based advertising, email, website personalization, analytics and sales alerts.

The recent integration between Jabmo and ON24, a leader in webinar and online events platforms provides revenue teams access to valuable buying group engagement data from webinars and online events, Jabmo helps bring it all together in one comprehensive solution helping companies adapt to the new market environment.


Creativity is always important when engaging with large buying groups in this new sales environment. While traditionally this means creativity in advertising, it has now evolved to also mean getting creative in how marketers analyze key account buying intent and present critical insight and opportunities to sales reps just in time to help secure a sale. 

Customized sales alerts that leverage buying intent data curated through ABM platforms are a great way to give marketing and sales teams a heads up when a key account may be getting ready to buy. These sales alerts are triggered when an ABM platform detects a surge in engagement with marketing content. With the ability to constantly monitor buying intent and anonymous research activity from all key accounts, creative marketers using ABM platforms can provide sales teams with an unfair competitive advantage.

A great example of data driven sales alerts securing new business opportunities is seen in the case of First Onsite, a leading restoration and property reconstruction company. With the help of Jabmo’s ABM platform, First Onsite was able to detect surges in buying activity for a major hotel chain in the DC and Northern Virginia area. Despite the project being kept tightly under wraps by the hotel chain, thanks to this “heads up”, the sales team at First Onsite was able to use these insights to open multiple new sales opportunities and ultimately close a major deal. 


One of the biggest benefits ABM provides to B2B marketers is the identification of unknown and anonymous buyers that need to be engaged in the sales and marketing cycle. Due to the growth in digital research and buying, more and more buying group members are remaining anonymous throughout their buying journey. 

In order to stay resilient as the B2B marketing landscape changes, businesses should be leveraging ABM to determine which key accounts to prioritize and what their biggest pain points and interests are. A comprehensive ABM platform like Jabmo, with integrations across all major ad platforms, lets marketers monitor buying intent signals and target key accounts with omnichannel marketing wherever they may be.

The Future Awaits

In an uncertain world, preparing for what might come next can make the difference between a business that thrives and a business that gets left behind. Implementing strategies that make your organization ‘Future Fit’, like ABM, set you up for success well into the future, ensuring that more marketing and sales efforts are translated into fruitful revenue streams that garner success and longevity.

Be sure to watch our on-demand webinar, where First Onsite’s VP of Marketing, Adrian Fulle, will be discussing his award-winning ABM strategy, or ask for a demo of our ABM platform!

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