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Ever heard the phrase, “Drowning in data, but thirsting for insights”? 

This idea could apply to anyone who collects data for decision making, but I think it’s the perfect way to sum up one of the biggest challenges for today’s B2B marketers—uncovering actionable information from their engagement data. 

Just think of all the online channels now available for reaching prospects and customers. From display advertising and social platforms to company websites and webinars, each channel can drive engagement and generate data on those activities and interactions. 

With data coming in from every channel, marketers need a way to make sense of it all. Many teams try using Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or other tracking tools to see how their ABM campaigns are performing. 

But for a modern marketer, it’s just not enough.   

Of course, using tools like Google Analytics with UTMs tracking links are helpful to an extent. They can show you how visitors are coming to your website, how long they were there, what pages they looked at, and what ads or channels are driving the most traffic. But they can’t show the “who” at an account-level. 

In other words, how do you know if those website visits and interactions are from your key accounts? Or if engagement is coming from a company not yet on your radar, but would be a valuable addition to your ABM program? 

Understanding the “who” piece is key. You need this aggregated account-level view to answer important questions that really make an ABM campaign successful: 

  • Is my campaign working? 
  • Am I really impacting those companies that matter most to me? 
  • What topics and products are specific accounts interested in? 
  • Where are they in the buying group journey? 
  • And what should I do now to lead them to the next phase? 

So, how can you add the account-based slice to your marketing analytics? 

The first step is to bring all your marketing data together in one place. And that’s exactly what we do for our clients. 

The Jabmo Omnichannel ABM platform directly integrates with all major marketing and advertising channels to unify your first-party engagement data from every source then applies an account-based slice to the data. 

You get an integrated view of what all accounts are doing and when, across your website and marketing efforts. This includes activity from known and unknown buyers—which is crucial as B2B buying groups grow larger and more decision-makers stay anonymous while conducting online research. 

Then, our platform aggregates account-level analytics to score each account on how ready they are to buy, as well as to uncover the “who, what, when, and where” of engagement surges. Trying to accomplish this at a user level is just noise. 

Now all your data is well-organized and analyzed in an account-based way. You can see what’s working and what’s not, by: 

  • Individual account 
  • Channel 
  • Campaign 
  • Industry 
  • Content 
  • Location  
  • Ad creative 

… and more! 

With an account-based view, you no longer just have data—you have actionable insights. You’ll know when a key account is ready for either a sales engagement or the next stage of your marketing campaigns. Overall, you’re empowered to make the right decisions, about the right accounts, at the right time, for marketing and sales success.   

Want to learn more? Check out our recent ABM Huddle on the topic here. 

And be sure to tune in for our future ABM Huddles, which air the second Thursday of every month at 10 a.m. CST! 

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