How the Grinch Stole Cookies: 4 tips to overcome the ban on third-party cookies this Christmas (and beyond)

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December has arrived, and the holiday season is in full swing! There are halls to deck, gifts to wrap, and cookies to bake for old Saint Nick. But despite the cheery festivities, many B2B marketers have another sort of cookie weighing on their minds.

I’m referring, of course, to the third-party cookie—which has served as the backbone of most digital marketing and advertising activities for years. Third-party cookies will be phased out entirely by 2023 due to privacy and data sharing concerns, leaving B2B marketers facing a long string of cookie-less Christmases ahead.

Like many B2B marketers, you may be concerned what the cookie demise means for the future of your digital advertising. So while Santa Claus was making his list and checking it twice, I put together a list of my own. These four steps can help you proactively prepare for long-term account-based marketing (ABM) success—no cookies needed:

#1. Assess your reliance on cookies: First, consider how much of you actually rely on third-party cookies. If you’re currently working with an ad agency or ABM Platform vendor, find out if they use third-party cookies (which many still do). Ask about their game plan to make sure your marketing isn’t disrupted when the ban goes into effect.

#2. Explore better alternatives: Fortunately, third-party cookies aren’t the “be all end all” of digital display advertising. In fact, there are multiple options out there, such as contextual or keyword advertising, direct publisher B2B advertising, and social network B2B advertising. While these alternatives have their uses, they also present major drawbacks around costs, scalability, and effectiveness.

Consider a more powerful approach—account-based IP advertising. Put simply, this enables you to target known and unknown buying group members within your key accounts based on their company IP address. It’s the only zero-wastage, and privacy-compliant way to proactively reach and engage your target accounts early and often—even pre-buying cycle.

#3. Go all in on omnichannel: While account-based IP display advertising is emerging as a dominant form of cookie-free B2B ad targeting, it shouldn’t be your only channel. A coordinated omnichannel approach generates the biggest impact—where all online channels are orchestrated together at an account level to guide buying group members throughout the digital buying journey.

When investing in omnichannel ABM, look for a modern ABM Platform that offers IP-based and integrated analytics since you’ll need to monitor engagement across all channels at the account level. The Jabmo omnichannel ABM platform can help you do just that, thanks to our IP account-data platform and direct integrations with major marketing platforms like Xandr, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Our Omnichannel Account-Based Analytics helps you fully leverage your own first-party data. The Jabmo ABM Platform unites and analyzes all your siloed account engagement data (including both known contacts and anonymous users) to uncover valuable intent signals. The result when you act on these insights? More wins, bigger deals and better marketing ROI.

#4. Select the right partner: ABM is a long-term effort with many moving parts. Make the journey easier by working with a vendor that offers everything you need under one roof—and one that will be there for you at every step. A few key things to look for in a partner:

  • ABM Platform Omnichannel capabilities including analytics, advertising and email
  • Global reach, to engage your key accounts without location or language barriers.
  • Managed service offerings to fill any skill gaps and free your in-house team to focus on marketing strategy and sales alignment.

Once you’ve followed these steps, sit back, relax, and enjoy a plate of your favorite Christmas cookies. After all, you’re now prepared for smooth sailing in the cookie-less world.

Ready to learn more? Watch our on-demand webinar, “The Death of 3rd Party Cookies is Here.”

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