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Today’s B2B marketer is looking for ways to bolster their key account engagement efforts worldwide, and tackle the fast-approaching death of third-party cookies in 2023.

We’ve talked a lot about the power of an ABM platform, and how it provides the tools and means for B2B marketers to predict intent and reach their target accounts digitally.

The burning question on many newcomer minds is: “What does a successful ABM program look like?” Enter GEFCO, a leader in supply chain solutions for automotive logistics in Europe and across the globe.

GEFCO leveraged the power of the Jabmo ABM platform and their managed services team to identify and send ads to their most valuable accounts throughout the buying journey.

Curbing Complexity in Sales Cycles

Like many B2B companies today, GEFCO recognized the increasing complexity of sales within their target markets. Targeting single contacts with their marketing efforts was no longer enough, as buying groups could comprise up to 30 decision makers, many of whom would remain anonymous for most of the buying journey.

GEFCO also noticed the waning effectiveness of traditional digital marketing tactics like SEO or email newsletters. Large anonymous buying groups made it difficult to track buying behavior, and SEO analytics wasn’t providing the engagement or actionable data needed to move the needle for Sales.

It was clear to GEFCO that they needed a new marketing strategy, one that would help them identify target accounts, engage with key decision makers, and finally measure the success of their efforts with less guesswork.

Driving A Personalized Journey For Each Target Account

After searching for an ABM vendor, GEFCO selected Jabmo because of their Omnichannel ABM Platform, global reach and managed services offering. With Jabmo, GEFCO was able to proactively target their target account buying groups without waiting for buying group members to visit their website. The Jabmo ABM platform and its IP-sensing technology could identify and deliver personalized ads and messaging to engage with target accounts wherever they are. When target accounts visit the GEFCO website, they get a personalized website experience with tailored images and content.

This not only propelled their target accounts through the sales journey, but also gave GEFCO access to valuable data that they could pass on to their sales teams when the time was right.

Redefining Engagement–and Success

After partnering with Jabmo, GEFCO saw a massive leap in account engagement, up 67% over the course of 3 years. ABM made it possible to target key accounts with relevant messaging and ads, allowing GEFCO’s marketing and sales teams to align efforts beyond just measuring clicks, website visits, and downloads.

Jabmo’s ABM platform provided the tools to visualize buying intent for GEFCO’s key accounts, showing which content their accounts engaged with and alerting sales teams to which accounts were ready to buy. With this data in hand, they saw their sales win rates jump by 13%, closing bigger deals with higher frequency.

GEFCO was also able to prove the ROI of their ABM marketing efforts. The Jabmo ABM platform allowed GEFCO to set up analytics that contextualized their ABM campaigns against control groups, proving the increase in sales opportunities and outcomes. This made it easy for GEFCO to see which campaigns worked best and fast-track those ideas for further sales opportunities.

As many B2B companies look for their next big marketing strategy, GEFCO runs full speed ahead on the ABM train with Jabmo on their side.

Want to transform your anonymous accounts into sales success stories like GEFCO? Check out our on-demand webinar where we discussed what we learned in 2021 and ABM trends to expect in 2022!

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