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The experience after the ad click is critical in accelerating the sales cycle.

Based on the work we’ve done with hundreds of customers over the last five years, we’ve learned a lot about what works best when it comes to landing pages. Here is a summary of the best practices from the most experienced account-based marketers.

1. Use different landing pages for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

To keep your Target Accounts engaging with your ads, you need to refresh the content! Give them a reason to keep interacting with ads. Use this opportunity to teach them something new about their business and how your company’s solution is unique to resolving their problems.

2. Let Target Accounts explore other pages on your website.

When you’re designing ads to promote a specific product, letting them leave those pages may seem counterintuitive. However, savvy marketers know that it is critical to ensure the landing pages aren’t stand-alone. Your Target Accounts may want to browse other products, read case studies, and learn more about your company. This isn’t going to hurt your conversions; it’s going to allow your Target Accounts to move further down the buyer’s journey (and you can track it to learn about them!).

3. Remember that Target Account contacts will only “raise their hand” and fill in a webform when they’re ready to talk.

Often, companies already have Target Account contact information in their CRM. What they really want to know is when a Target Account is getting ready to buy. Instead of gating all content, use it to guide Target Accounts through the journey.

When you see that a Target Account is at the right point in their buyer’s journey (your CSM can help you identify that on your dashboard!), you need to strategically use a landing page with a high-value marketing asset in exchange for a signal that they are ready to talk.

If you’re interested in getting your Target Accounts to convert (and not just click on ads!), request a landing page assessment from your Jabmo CSM.

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