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Today’s B2B buying groups are a moving target. 🎯

  • They have more stakeholders than ever before
  • They are active across multiple online channels
  • They are pros at staying anonymous during online research

A successful ABM program must unify the buying group experience across each channel.

Each channel should work together to guide your target accounts through each stage of their personal buyer’s journey.

Without a unified front across channels, your customers may get confused about your offering – which will ultimately lead them to opt for a competing product or service they better understand.

To avoid confusion, standardize messaging across multiple channels, while simultaneously pulling key engagement data, gaining insight into where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Our ABM Strategists can share the specifics, but here are the 3 facts you need to know: 

  1. Jabmo can manage all of your digital ABM channels. Our designers are brilliant at using your existing ads to create powerful content for all major channels (social, email, CTV, and more!)
  2. You can see Target Account engagement data from ALL channels in one place – your Jabmo ABM Platform. We’re able to pull in data from each specific campaign you’re running in each channel. You’ll be able to see how omnichannel ABM lifts engagement for your Target Accounts and map out their entire digital journey.
  3. Setting up Omnichannel is FAST. For some channels, like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we could have you up and running within 24 hours!

Bonus Fact:
If it is a channel where your Target Accounts can ‘react’ (think: 👍on Facebook or sharing a post on LinkedIn), we’re often able to get their name and can deliver their LinkedIn profile to your Sales team.

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