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Jabmo has designed thousands of ads for the world’s largest companies. 

We’ve learned what type of ads generate the highest return on investment (ROI) and which ads provide a lackluster level of return. 

First, what type of ads aren’t worth it?  

Ads that don’t have a plan behind them. If your ads are bouncing around aimlessly with no defined strategy, you won’t see the return that you want. 

On the other hand, if you take the time to think through a few questions, and design your ads strategically, you will have the opportunity to guide each Target Account through their buyer’s journey and maximize your ROI. 


Before working on any ad copy, our most successful customers answer the following questions: 

1.) What problem are you helping your Target Accounts solve? 

2.) Do your Target Accounts even know they have a problem? 

3.) What is the statistical or emotional impact of your Target Account’s problem? 

4.) How will your company save the day? 


Once you have identified the answers to those questions, we can begin crafting an ad campaign that follows a Challenger messaging methodology. 

Our best-performing ad campaigns are made up of 5 stages. Depending on your Target Accounts, each stage could be made up of anywhere from 1 to 3 separate ads. 

Stage 1: Warmer Messaging 

In this stage, you’re simply introducing the problem you’re going to solve to your Target Account. Maybe they’re aware they have a problem. Maybe they’re not. But you are taking the time to acknowledge what they’re struggling with. 

Stage 2: Reframe 

This stage is very similar to Stage 1. Here, you’re simply reframing the problem that your Target Account is experiencing. This ensures that your Target Account recognizes that the problem in your ad (and the subsequent solution!) applies to them.  

Stage 3: Rational & Emotional 

For Stage 3, you want to use either statistics or emotional impact to reflect the severity of the problem your Target Account is facing. This is your chance to drive home how serious this issue is. Make sure your Target Account understands that without solving this problem, they’re in trouble.  

Stage 4: A New Way 

Stage 4 is a breeze. In this stage, you get to tell your Target Account how your company is going to save the day. You’re going to clearly explain how your solution will correct their problem. This stage helps answer those questions that have come up as they’ve seen the last several ads. At this point, you’ve completed a full education through their buyer’s journey. They now know what their problem is, what the ramifications are if they don’t solve it, and why your company is the best way to move forward. 

Stage 5: Battle Card 

Once a Target Account is in Stage 5, it’s ready to hand over to sales. 

Your Jabmo CSM will provide a ‘battle card’ with messaging details, engagement locations, top visited webpages, and dates of interest. If we’ve been able to surface any names or contact information, we’ll include those, too! 

Sales can then work with Jabmo to develop a strategy of how to use this information to close more deals and be more effective with their time. 

By reaching Stage 5, you know your Target Accounts are red hot and ready for sales intervention, which means you’re not wasting time chasing after accounts that aren’t ready to buy. 

Ready to make your next campaign your best-performing one? 

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