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Jabmo can handle your business, whether it be in telecommunications, disaster recovery & property restoration, energy services, and more.

As one of our clients, a $27B Energy Services company, can attest to, we are built for enterprise-level, global organizations. Does your company have complex sales cycles and intricate organizational structures? That’s our specialty!

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We can help you grow your business

Instead of chasing after tech startups like most ABM vendors, Jabmo focuses our time and expertise on 3 key verticals: Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and Business Services.

First Onsite

Jabmo’s ABM platform provided data-driven insights that uncovered opportunities with accounts and divisions that were not yet on First Onsite’s radar. In one example, Jabmo detected a significant rise in website engagement coming from a major hospitality chain and immediately alerted the appropriate sales rep. Read the case study to hear how that allowed them to get in the RFP and win the deal!


Interested in more customer stories?

Our customers love to share their success stories.

After working with over 100 of the world’s largest companies, we have helped create a lot of success stories. Whether our customers wanted to promote a new product launch, get in deeper at an existing account, land net-new contracts, and more – Jabmo has been alongside them, every step of the way.

Read through a few customer stories on our website and then reach out so an ABM strategist can start helping you plan out your own success story.

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How the Jabmo Omnichannel ABM Platform
Meets the B2B Challenge:

  • IP-based Account Targeting: marketing message focused on targets you designate
  • Omnichannel marketing: IP-based display ads, retargeting, social ads, email & website
  • Engagement data that unearths & amplifies even anonymous buying intent signals
  • Real time, concise updates that bring speed and clarity to reporting function

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