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We wrote this guide to help you understand how an account-centric approach to digital marketing will address the new realities of B2B buying and selling. In this new whitepaper, you will learn:

  • How and why your buyers have changed
  • About engaging key accounts digitally
  • What kind of use cases work best
  • How to get budget and plan a pilot
  • How to prove marketing ROI

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Based on 5 years experience powering ABM for the world’s largest manufacturing and life sciences companies.

Whats Inside

We provide analyst research and first hand experience on how B2B buying has changed over the last five years -especially since the pandemic.

We explain how all the new digital marketing channels work to engage key accounts and we cover how to plan for ABM success.

About The Author

Nick Heys is an entrepreneur with a passion for marketing technology. He founded Jabmo in 2013 with a vision of transforming marketing in manufacturing. Prior to Jabmo, Nick founded Emailvision/Smartfocus and led the company to become one of the world’s largest marketing automation companies with operations in 22 countries. Nick is a British national and lives in Paris.

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