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About Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Corporation is a $7B+ global manufacturer of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials, apparel branding tags, RFID inlays, and specialty medical products. The company is a member of the Fortune 500 and is headquartered in Glendale, California.

Digitally Enabled RFID Labels
Tabletop Printers
RFID Aviation Solutions

The Challenge

Avery Dennison Printer Solutions (PSD) historically benefited from a dominant share of the printers and label products market. However, as RFID technology became the new standard, PSD struggled to drive key account awareness around their RFID solutions and break into new markets such as grocery, quick serve restaurants, and logistics. PSD recognized that traditional marketing investments including trade shows were no longer effective in influencing the growing buying groups in key accounts. Their sales reps complained that they were getting involved in deals too late and spending too much time with procurement.

The Avery Dennison ABM Team

Kevin Kemp

General Manager, Commercial, Americas

Ashlie Whitten

Director Global Marketing & Communications

Cindy Fletcher

Cindy Fletcher

Marketing Manager

The Avery Dennison Approach to ABM

The PSD sales and marketing team decided to adopt a whole new approach. In addition to adopting the Challenger sales methodology, they turned to Jabmo for account-based marketing (ABM). Cindy Fletcher, Marketing Manager, leads the ABM initiative at the Avery Dennison Printer Solutions Division (PSD). She works with Ashlie Whitten on marketing strategy and with Kevin Kemp on aligning her ABM program with Sales priorities. PSD chose to leverage the Jabmo managed services team rather than hire and train a team for creative, campaign management and ad operations. In this way, Cindy and her team are able to launch with weeks, save money, and devote more time to strategy and sales alignment.

Target Account Selection

Cindy worked with Kevin Kemp, General Manager Commercial to identify key accounts based on revenue potential and with her Jabmo CSM to prioritize key accounts based on intent activity.

Ad Creative

Avery Dennison had already built up a library of content for RFID, however it wasn’t adapted for account-based advertising. In the Jabmo content workshop, Cindy briefed her CSM, and shared existing marketing assets on PSD solutions. The Jabmo creative team then repurposed existing pre-approved content and delivered a sequenced series of personalized, insight-driven ads.


PSD outsource their ad creation and program execution to Jabmo. In their bi-weekly sessions, the Jabmo Customer Success Manager usually starts off by taking Cindy through her ABM dashboard and analyze omnichannel marketing impact on target accounts. She discusses Jabmo’s recommendations for improvements and they agree on next steps. In these working sessions, Cindy is focused on driving a personalized omnichannel marketing experience with her target accounts and identifying surges in buying intent activity to share with the sales reps. They typically end the session by reviewing and planning the next set of ad programs.


Compared to the low level performance of trade shows, Avery Dennison now drive sales growth by engaging target account buying committees with “always-on” ads. Sales reps get sales intent reports to help prioritize and close more deals. Furthermore, by leveraging the Jabmo managed services, Avery Dennison were able to launch within weeks and avoid the costs of hiring specialist ABM staff.

Why Jabmo

Jabmo offers a comprehensive solution for account-based marketing including creative and managed services. The Jabmo intent analytics are useful in prioritizing accounts for advertising and informing sales reps when a buying group may be forming.

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