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Life in color with ABM: A Jabmo Case Study

Using Jabmo’s ABM platform and services, a leading color management and measurement solutions provider drastically increased reach, engagement, and revenue with key accounts


A global leader in color science and technology solutions knew that the right packaging colors can create a consistent brand experience and build emotional connections between products and consumers. The company also understood that the power of consistent and personal connections extends to the B2B buying journey. Its marketing team wanted to deliver relevant, customized messaging to grow reach and intimacy with high-value prospects in the packaging industry. Yet the increasingly complex nature of B2B sales and marketing made it a challenge. First, B2B deals are no longer struck with individuals. Instead, large groups of decision makers and influencers—often in the double-digits—make buying decisions collectively. On top of that, the B2B buying journey is now primarily digital. Buying committee members spend most of their journey conducting anonymous research online. By the time they reach out to sales, it’s already too late to shape their thinking. The group will have already formed opinions on possible products, solutions, or services. So, the color solutions leader searched for a way to drive awareness and engagement with key accounts as early as possible in the buying journey—a solution that could target both known and anonymous decision-makers with consistent, personalized messaging and build consensus among entire buying groups. The answer was digital account-based marketing (ABM).


The company discovered the ABM platform and services of Jabmo— the leading ABM provider for industries such as manufacturing, life sciences, and other B2B sectors that rely on complex sales for growth. As the only truly omnichannel ABM platform, Jabmo’s solution offered account-based reach and analytics across IP-based display advertising, retargeting, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads and email. Together, they developed a year-long ABM pilot program. It focused on activating funnel growth for high-value Print Quality Programs that drive adoption of the company’s color solutions in the packaging supply chain. They identified 90 Brand Global Strategic Accounts (GSA) to target, as well as 92 accounts that would act as a control group to measure the impact of ABM. Then, they mapped out an ABM campaign journey that would guide potential buyers from initial brand awareness through the decision phase, and beyond. The ABM program began with a series of display ads, delivering to target account buying group members based on their company IP address and geographical location. When clicked, these highly targeted “always on” ads led viewers to a dedicated landing page introducing the company’s brand messaging and helpful resources. The next series of display ads introduced “Challenger” messaging, asking questions that hit very close to home by encouraging viewers to “take ownership” of their brand color. These ads promoted target accounts to sign up for a free educational webinar that began to introduce specific solutions. As known and anonymous buying group members interacted with the company’s ads, website, and marketing content, the Jabmo platform’s IP-based analytics tracked all activity at an account level. Surges in buying intent signals triggered alerts to sales reps who could then step in with timely offers. Jabmo further empowered the sales team with Intent Score Cards or “battle cards”. When the Jabmo ABM Platform identifies buying intent signals from a target account, Jabmo Managed Services create battle cards for sales teams, which include actionable information about an account’s engagement activity and key influencer. Armed with this information, the sales reps were better positioned to set meetings and close deals.


In the span of 10 months after its ABM program launched, the color solutions leader saw a dramatic increase in website traffic and engagement from target accounts. In the first month alone, unique viewing sessions on the company site grew from 43 to 413. The numbers continued to skyrocket, with Jabmo account-based ads being the primary driver of engagement. Unique viewing sessions peaked at 650—a nearly 1500-percent jump from the first month. And by comparing the results to its control group, the marketing team was able to definitively measure the impact of ABM. Engagement was significantly higher, reaching 98% of the target accounts in the ABM group versus 42% in the control group. Beyond engagement, the ABM program also opened the door to new opportunities for the sales team. Thanks to insights from a Jabmo battle card, sales uncovered a $250K/year Print Quality Management opportunity with a global CPG giant. Close rates on existing funnel opportunities also accelerated. In one example, the sales team won a deal just 40 days after the initial ad click. Overall, Jabmo’s ABM Platform and expertise enabled the company’s marketing and sales teams to stay aligned around high-priority key accounts. Marketing was able to build awareness with key accounts before their buying journey even started, and then guide entire buying groups along a consistent, personalized journey. In turn, the sales team generated more opportunities, shorter sales cycles, and bigger deals. With the help of Jabmo’s ABM Platform and managed services, the global color solutions giant is leveraging data to drive revenue growth and add a little more color for its customers.

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