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How a global life sciences leader drove target account awareness and engagement using the Jabmo omnichannel ABM platform, managed services, and international reach


As the fight against COVID-19 has demonstrated, speed and efficiency are critical in the biopharmaceutical industry.  With this need in mind, a global leader in life sciences set out to  raise awareness of its solutions that help biopharma companies develop, manufacture, and deliver life-saving therapeutics to patients worldwide. Like most B2B companies, this leader had long relied on traditional sales and marketing tactics. Email served as its primary marketing channel for reaching key prospects and customers, along with in-person sales presentations and meetings. But this approach began losing power. The introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) limited the company’s email outreach to those who had “opted-in” to receive communications. On top of that, ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and the rise of remote work made it much more challenging for the sales team to meet directly with potential buyers. The company also realized that tactics targeting individual contacts, like email, have become much less effective in today’s buying group era. Buying committees—made up of dozens of stakeholders and influencers—now collectively make B2B purchasing decisions. These modern buyers conduct anonymous online research to compare competing solutions, rarely divulging contact information until they are already well into the buying group journey if ever. To get proactive in delivering its brand message to key accounts across the globe, the life sciences leader searched for a digital, privacy-compliant solution that could bolster its marketing efforts and raise awareness among entire buying groups, even pre-buying group journey.


The company connected with Jabmo — a worldwide leader in account-based marketing (ABM) solutions with deep experience in the life sciences industry — to discover how its ABM platform and services could help. They developed a one-year pilot to test the power of digital omnichannel ABM. Jabmo helped the life sciences leader launch ABM programs in the United States and EMEA. Both programs focused on building awareness within key biopharma accounts. Using Jabmo’s account-based IP advertising capabilities, the company began to send a series of relevant, personalized display ads to target accounts. These ads were delivered based on company IP address and geographical location, reaching both known and anonymous buying group members wherever and whenever they were online. The ads featured highly targeted messages that encouraged target account buying group members to click through to landing pages on the company website. There, Jabmo’s proprietary IP sensing technology delivered tailored messaging and offers designed to educate, nurture, and guide website visitors along the buying group journey. As the campaigns progressed, Jabmo’s account-data platform (ADP) united engagement data from all marketing channels into one place for account-level analysis. When buying intent surges, alerts notify the marketing and sales teams — providing a competitive advantage for sales reps.


Within three months, the company had reached all target accounts with their ads, generating a 4X increase in target account engagement. Account-based IP advertising proved to be a proactive, privacy-compliant way to reach entire buying groups and drive interaction with its marketing assets and website. While most ABM vendors are limited to English speaking countries, Jabmo offered true global reach in the EMEA and APAC regions. This enables the company to effectively target key accounts in compliance with GDPR, regardless of their location or local language. The ABM program also powered better alignment between the company’s sales and marketing teams. Using Jabmo’s account-based analytics and alerts, Marketing can see surges in buying intent signals coming from key accounts and share actionable engagement data with Sales. In fact, more than 65% of target accounts engaged with the website exclusively through Jabmo account-based advertising. Armed with timely insights, sales reps were much better positioned to initiate conversations that will ultimately lead to more deals, shorter sales cycles, and higher win rates.

Snapshot of Results Within 3 Months:
  • Target account reach: 100%
  • Target account engagement: 100%
  • Target account engagement uplift: 314%
  • Target accounts engaging with key website content only through Jabmo advertising: 65%
Following the pilot ABM program’s initial success, the company rolled-out ABM across its global marketing efforts. Jabmo’s global ABM platform has proven to be the remedy this life sciences leader needed to give brand awareness and marketing engagement a healthy boost. To learn more about Jabmo’s omnichannel ABM platform, click here to schedule a demo. To view Jabmo’s Ad Gallery, click here.

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