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About Henkel

Henkel is a 20B Euro chemical and consumer goods company headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany. The company operates in three business areas: Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care, and Laundry & Home Care. The Henkel Adhesive Technologies division is the global leader in the adhesives market – across all industry segments.

The Challenge

Henkel Adhesives Technologies offers the Loctite product, most recently disrupting the medical device industry in offering an alternative to plastic welding. Henkel found that their most important customers were not aware of Loctite for medical devices and their sales reps were not engaging because of difficulties in identifying the buying group.

The ABM Team

Chantal Fisher leads the ABM initiative at Henkel’s Adhesives division. Chantal recognized that her customers were buying differently as they entered the “Buying Group Era”. She works closely with Jason Spencer on marketing strategy and with Neil Feczko on aligning her ABM program with sales priorities.

Chantal Fisher

Global Marketing Program Manager

Jason Spencer

Director Global Marketing Development

Neil Feczko

Global Key Account Manager

Target Account Selection

Henkel sell to medical device manufacturers (such as needles and catheters) that may already have an adhesive supplier, or use a plastic welding process. Henkel used Jabmo’s approach to prioritize key accounts based on revenue and intent using Jabmo’s Account Sensing Technology.

Ad Campaign

Jabmo’s creative team build banner ads based on existing and pre-approved content and creative. The sequence of ad programs are designed to educate target account buyers about the benefits of the Loctite adhesives product.


Henkel saves money and time by outsourcing their creative and program execution to Jabmo. In bi-weekly sessions, the Jabmo Customer Success Manager provides ABM dashboard insights, analyzes omnichannel marketing impact on target accounts, and makes recommendations for improvements. In these working sessions, Chantal is focused on driving a personalized omnichannel marketing experience with her target accounts and identifying surges in buying intent activity to share with their sales reps.


Within months of using Jabmo, Henkel were able to reach previously non-engaged key accounts, drive marketing engagement and help their sales reps win 4 new deals in the first quarter.

Why Jabmo

Prior to ABM, Henkel’s marketing was limited to trade shows and email. Jabmo’s insight driven digital marketing approach resonated with Henkel’s marketing team given the complexity of their target account buying groups. Henkel values the Jabmo intent and buyer journey data to give their sales reps a competitive advantage.

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