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About Ingredion

Ingredion is a $6B ingredients solution company. Ingredion makes sweeteners, starches, nutrition ingredients, and biomaterials used in everyday products from foods and beverages to paper and pharmaceuticals. The company is a member of the Fortune 500 and is headquartered in Westchester, Illinois.

Innovative ingredient solutions
Reduced sugar products
Sustainably sourced plant protein ingredients

The Challenge

The food ingredients market is evolving faster than ever before -with new consumer trends and customer buying behavior. Ingredion addresses this challenge from a product perspective through customer co-creation and enabling consumer-preferred innovation. From a marketing perspective, Ingredion found they were no longer able to reach all the influencers and decision makers in their key accounts. Their traditional marketing channels including trade shows, trade publication advertising, and email marketing were no longer making much of an impact. The Ingredion North America marketing team decided to adopt a whole new approach to marketing and sales. In addition to adopting the Challenger sales methodology, they selected Jabmo as their ABM partner because of their omnichannel ABM platform and experience in manufacturing.

The Ingredion ABM Team

John Lazowski

Vice President of Marketing

Clare Reynolds

Marketing Director

Carla Cascio

Digital Marketing Manager

The Ingredion Approach to ABM

John Lazowski, Vice President of Marketing NA, and Clare Reynolds, Marketing Director, lead the ABM initiative at Ingredion. They work with Carla Cascio, Digital Marketing Manager, on ABM execution. Ingredion chose to leverage the Jabmo managed services rather than hire and train a specialized ABM team in-house. This allows Ingredion to satisfy their “cost smart” strategic initiative to forge growth.

Target Account Selection

Ingredion followed Jabmo’s advice to focus on existing customers first. John Lazowski, VP Marketing NA, selected their initial key account list based on revenue. The Jabmo Account Sensing technology enabled Ingredion to prioritize key accounts based on marketing engagement levels and intent.

Ad Creative

After the onboarding session, Jabmo delivered a series of account-based ad programs built from existing content and creative.


Given the complexities of ABM, Ingredion adopted a phased approach with Jabmo to ensure step-by-step success. The goal of the 1st phase was to reach and engage with key accounts that were not engaging via other channels. The 2nd phase involved optimizing the program and refining the target account list before expanding the ABM program


Ingredion account-based marketing helps accelerate revenue growth in the fast-changing food ingredients market. Ingredion marketing now drives early engagement with buying groups in key accounts and helps grow revenue by providing buying intent reports to sales reps.

Why Jabmo

Jabmo offers a comprehensive solution for account-based marketing including managed services. This helps grow revenue and save money on marketing people and agency staff.

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