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About MilliporeSigma Food & Beverage

The MilliporeSigma Food & Beverage division is committed to advancing food and beverage safety and quality by developing products and services for food manufacturers. These products focus on improving lab testing efficiency and regulatory compliance. Their testing tools allow customers to detect and quantify chemical residues, like pesticides and mycotoxins, and microbiological contaminants, as well as test nutritional value and identify inconsistencies in quality.

The Challenge

In the past, the MilliporeSigma sales teams controlled the buying cycle from start to end. However, selling became more difficult since buying groups grew bigger and began to conduct their own research anonymously. With an acceleration of new product offerings into an increasingly crowded market, MilliporeSigma needed a new way to grow their business in key accounts. With recent technology breakthroughs in Account-Based Marketing, the MilliporeSigma Food & Beverage marketing team saw an opportunity to regain control of their customer buying cycles and accelerate the sales of strategic products in key accounts.

The MilliporeSigma ABM Team

Lauren Poulin

Global Marketing Communications

Johnathan Agoot

Corp. Marketing Manager

Megan Longhi

Commercial Marketing Manager

The MilliporeSigma Approach to ABM

MilliporeSigma set out to embrace the new way of buying and selling. They wanted to make a measurable impact on the business. The team adopted a staged approach to ABM success. The initial phases of the ABM program focused on “Activation” and “Optimization”. The next phases were about proving ABM value with control groups -measuring uplift in awareness, engagement, anonymous people engaged, pipeline, revenue performance vs. target, ave deal size and win rate.

Target Account Selection

MilliporeSigma F&B started off by selecting just 20 of their major existing customers. They used the Jabmo Account Sensing technology to prioritize accounts based on anonymous intent signals from key accounts.

Ad Creative

Given limited design and creative resources internally, MilliporeSigma outsourced Ad creative, design and copy to Jabmo. They provided pre-approved marketing assets such as sales decks, brochures and whitepapers for Jabmo to repurpose for ABM.


Jabmo manages the ABM program execution so that MilliporeSigma can focus on strategy and aligning their ABM efforts with Sales. The ABM team has bi-weekly calls with the Jabmo Customer Success Manager to review results compared to baseline and prior periods. The CSM meetings are designed to ensure MilliporeSigma benefits from ABM best practices and to keep the ABM program on track to hit their goals.


MilliporeSigma saw time to value within months. The marketing team drives key account engagement and provides buying journey reports to sales reps to help them win more deals faster. Millipore Sigma attributed over $120K incremental sales to the ABM program in the first phase. They then expanded to more key accounts in phase II.

Why Jabmo

MilliporeSigma chose Jabmo as their ABM partner because of their global reach, omnichannel ABM Platform, and managed services offering. Compared to legacy marketing channels, like marketing automation and tradeshows, MilliporeSigma now engages key accounts and makes a measurable impact on the business.

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