Worthington Industries

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About Worthington Industries

Worthington Industries is a $3B global metals manufacturer. The Ohio based company is a steel processor and manufacturer of pressure cylinders and production products for global energy markets. The Pressure Cylinders division is responsible for $1B in sales.

The Challenge

Microbulk is a strategic emerging segment within the Pressure Cylinders division.  However, Worthington was not very well known by its existing client base as a microbulk tanks vendor.

The Worthington ABM Team

Josh Oakes

Director, Cryogenics

Kyle Edington

Category Marketing Manager

Matt Hawkins

Strategic Accounts, Cryogenics & Packaged Gases

The Worthington Industries Approach to ABM

Kyle Edington leads the ABM initiative at Worthington Industries Pressure Cylinders Microbulk Division. Kyle saw Jabmo account-based advertising and intent signals as a powerful new way to increase market share in key accounts. He works with Josh Oakes on marketing strategy and with Matt Hawkins on aligning his ABM program with sales priorities. Worthington chose to leverage Jabmo managed services rather than hire and train a team in-house.

Target Account Selection

Worthington focus on existing customers and use anonymous intent data from Jabmo to prioritize target accounts for ad programs. Kyle works closely with Matt Hawkins and Josh Oakes to identify target accounts that have business with Worthington in other divisions but that have minimal awareness around Worthington Industries Pressure Cylinders. Using the Jabmo Account Sensing technology, Kyle is able to identify key accounts with high or low engagement around specific marketing content.

Ad Creative

With prior ABM experience from the Alternative Fuels division, Kyle was familiar with what type of ads worked best with the Worthington Branding. This made it easier for Jabmo and Worthington to collaborate on building high performance ad creatives from the beginning.


Kyle decided to outsource ad creative and campaign management to Jabmo. In their bi-weekly sessions, the Jabmo Customer Success Manager usually starts off by taking Kyle through Worthington’s ABM dashboard and analyzes the results of the different ads. Kyle decided to run two different types of messaging to target account buying groups, one written to a VP or Owner and one written to a floor manager.  This enables Worthington to further segment the target accounts and create more relevant ads as they move through the ABM campaign programs.


Worthington account-based marketing drives Microbulk sales growth in new verticals. Sales reps get buying intent reports to help prioritize, follow-up, and close more deals. Furthermore, by leveraging the Jabmo managed services, Worthington was able to launch their account-based marketing within weeks and avoid the costs of hiring specialist ABM staff.

Why Jabmo

Jabmo is the only platform vendor to offer the whole solution for modern B2B marketing including IP-based advertising, marketing automation, sales insights and personalization. The managed services were key in saving money and getting results within weeks.

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