Bruno Pinna
Global Head of Marketing

“We quadrupled engagement with our top accounts.”


Canopy launched its Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy to interact more e ectively with major accounts and provide the commercial organization with additional target companies in their ideal pro le.

With Jabmo’s help, Canopy’s marketing team were able to:

✓  Keep target accounts informed on strategic topics via Account-Based Retargeting.

✓  Identify new accounts in target markets.

✓  Evaluate the level of target account interest in their o ers.

✓  Increase sales team involvement in the success of campaigns.



Atos provides end-to-end cloud services for its global client base, improving the exibility of IT infrastructures and applications and accelerating turnaround times. Canopy is the trademark cloud service of Atos. Canopy customers are supported throughout their digital transformation journeys with open and orchestrated cloud solutions, implemented from world-class data centers.

Before turning to Jabmo, the marketing team at Canopy had carried out a website makeover to enhance their customer’s experience and foster communication with prospective clients.

Canopy was searching for a solution that allowed them to de ne and better understand the core interests of their web trac, as well as strengthening their commercial strategy toward major accounts.



Jabmo helped Canopy put in place their Account-Based Marketing strategy.
The strategy relies on Account-Based Retargeting (ABR) and on purchasing signals sent directly to the sales team.

✓ Target account selection: Canopy prepared a list of strategic accounts for each of its vertical markets. The Canopy marketing team regularly tops up the list with new target accounts detected by Jabmo’s Company ID technology.

✓ Deployment of personalized advertising to target accounts: Text on banners showcase Canopy’s innovative and agship content. The Account-Based Retargeting strategy enables interaction in a purposeful way with key accounts, based on the content already viewed.

✓ Use of purchasing signals: The sales team receive real-time email alerts for buying signals originating from target accounts.

 “Thanks to Jabmo’s approach and solution of tailored retargeting, we were able to engage and ensure customer loyalty on 12 times more strategic key accounts.”

– Bruno Pinna, Global Head of Marketing and Communications, Canopy



The new Account-Based Marketing strategy has enabled Canopy to track the commitment of their major accounts and interact with them via a focused retargeting plan.

With Jabmo’s support, the Canopy marketing team were able to achieve these results:

✓ Jabmo ABM Dashboard

✓ A 12 fold increase in the number of target accounts engaged.

✓ The average number of visits by target accounts to the web site has quadrupled.

✓ +31% of additional target accounts identified by the marketing department.

✓ Account-Based Retargeting strategy has become the first source of web trafic among target accounts.

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