Guinel Cadignan
Digital Marketing Manager

“Jabmo accelerates our marketing and sales growth worldwide.”


iXblue’s paid search and email based marketing strategy was no longer cost effective. Recognizing that their buyer had changed, the company implemented a next-generation Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy with Jabmo. Within the first year, iXblue became a hyper-aware organization and its Account-Based Marketing program drove a significant improvement in marketing and sales performance:

  • 14% growth in average deal size
  • 20% growth in sales pipeline
  • 10x return on Jabmo investment (ROI)



iXblue is a leading global provider of innovative solutions and services for Navigation, Positioning, Imaging & Photonics for sea, land, air and space applications. The company has operations in 30 countries and sells to large enterprise and government organizations. With over 1,000 clients, iXblue covers a wide range of industries including naval, land defense, off shore and aerospace.


Historically, iXblue relied on paid search, gated content and email to generate leads for sales reps. However, response rates dropped over the years and management found that 80% of leads were of no interest to sales reps or never converted to a sale.

Understanding the problem was half of the solution.

The marketing team at iXblue came to the conclusion that they were wasting marketing and sales resources on accounts that would never close. Even qualified leads were becoming harder to close because they were engaging with buyers too late in the purchasing cycle. iXblue realized that their buyers had become wary of lling in webforms -for fear of getting spammed or cold called too early in their research phase. Their buyers had become anonymous while doing their research -making it impossible for sales and marketing to engage early and throughout the buying cycle.

“Jabmo Account-Based Marketing accelerates our marketing and sales growth worldwide”

– Guinel Cadignan, Global Marketing Manager iXblue.


iXblue started by researching new marketing technology solutions including IP tracking and Account-Based Marketing (ABM). They chose Jabmo for its unique multi-channel account sensing technology, integrated application suite and international capabilities.

Shifting from a traditional demandgen model to Account-Based Marketing was not an easy transition. Old habits die hard! The Jabmo customer success team helped train the marketing and sales teams on how to build a disciplined ABM program based on best practices :

  1. Define an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) agreed upon by both sales & marketing. Then select net new target accounts based on website, email and ad activity – with the Jabmo Account Selection Module.
  2. Engage target accounts early in the buying cycle with the Jabmo Account-Based Retargeting Module. Then educate and build consensus in target accounts throughout the sales cycle with Jabmo Dynamic Ads.
  3. Personalize the website experience by promoting iXblue navigation systems to industry and location-specific accounts with the Jabmo Website Personalisation Module.
  4. Inform sales reps about target account activity in real time via the Jabmo Sales Enablement Module.
  5. Measure target account awareness, engagement and impact on sales with the Jabmo Account-Based Marketing Analytics Module.



iXblue started by focusing on one specific global market vertical. The initial Jabmo technical implementation took about 6 weeks. The Jabmo customer success manager provided support to the iXblue marketing operations teams throughout the process. The full ABM program was running worldwide within 4 months after training sales and marketing teams on the Jabmo applications. The teams really hit their stride with their ABM program a er 6 months. Marketing sends a performance report to the sales teams every month to review target account lists, awareness, engagement and impact on sales pipeline. Sales reps find the Jabmo mobile app particularly useful for monitoring target account engagement.


Notable outcomes include:

  • 400 net new target accounts – Jabmo’s account sensing revealed thousands of previously anonymous company visitors. IXblue built up a list of over 400 net new quali ed target accounts for marketing and sales nurturing.
  • 85% increase in target account engagement – Account-Based retargeting grew target account awareness and engagement from the beginning of the buying cycle.
  • 20% growth in sales pipeline – Not only did they source net nettarget accounts but they were also able to impact existing accounts and deals.
  • 14% growth in average deal size – Higher awareness and timely sales intelligence for sales teams led to bigger deals and higher win rates.
  • Over 10X return on Jabmo investment (ROI) – The incremental sales margin generated led to an excellent return on our Jabmo investment.


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