ABM Webinar with Peter O’Neill from Research in Action

Peter O’Neill, from Research in Action and Tav Tepfer from Jabmo will discuss how account-based marketing is becoming essential for survival and growth in the post-pandemic digital era. Peter is a B2B marketing industry veteran. After serving at Forrester/Gartner/META for 20 years, he is currently Research Director at Research in Action GmbH. He is also Lead Analyst for the UK-based community and research organization B2Bmarketing.net


The Great Marketing and Sales Convergence

Over the last couple of years, we have seen sales and marketing convergence happen in hundreds of manufacturing and life sciences companies just like yours with astonishing results. In this webinar, we will share how your marketing and sales teams can converge to drive more business outcomes with account-based marketing.


Proving the ROI of ABM

B2B Marketers are accelerating investments in Account-Based Marketing in 2021 but some struggle to prove the impact of their marketing investments and build an internal case for investing in ABM. How can marketers be armed with the proper strategy, KPI’s and framework to make marketing contribution to business growth more quantifiable?