Life Sciences

What do Cytiva, Pall, Cepheid, Merck, Baxter, and Waters have in common? They all use Jabmo to power their account-based marketing programs.

The only truly global ABM platform, Jabmo works with Life Science companies to reach known & unknown stakeholders in laboratories, hospitals, manufacturers, and universities across the world. Privacy comes first! Our solution is GDPR compliant and can accommodate strict healthcare advertising laws in Europe.

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We know the unique challenges Life Science companies face

Instead of chasing after tech startups like most ABM vendors, Jabmo focuses our time and expertise on 3 key verticals: Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and Business Services.


With a global pandemic leading to a halt in trade shows and travel, Jabmo ABM helped the MilliporeSigma marketing team become the biggest driver behind key account engagement and revenue growth. Read the case study to learn how they increased Target Account website engagement by 75% in months.


Interested in more customer stories?

Our customers love to share their success stories.

After working with over 100 of the world’s largest companies, we have helped create a lot of success stories. Whether our customers wanted to promote a new product launch, get in deeper at an existing account, land net-new contracts, and more – Jabmo has been alongside them, every step of the way.

Read through a few customer stories on our website and then reach out so an ABM strategist can start helping you plan out your own success story.

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How the Jabmo Omnichannel ABM Platform
Meets the B2B Challenge:

  • IP-based Account Targeting: marketing message focused on targets you designate
  • Omnichannel marketing: IP-based display ads, retargeting, social ads, email & website
  • Engagement data that unearths & amplifies even anonymous buying intent signals
  • Real time, concise updates that bring speed and clarity to reporting function

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