Jabmo Account-Based Marketing Boosts Performance

What if it could be different? What if all the challenges usually associated with the traditional marketing model: wasted ad spend, sales team communication struggles, uncertainty about engagement, and lost opportunity were lifted away by reimagining how marketing can be done in the digital age?

Jabmo ABM answers the what ifs: it means marketing professionals – frustrated and constrained by traditional marketing practices that are outdated and ineffective in the digital age – bring a more highly focused, cost efficient approach to their digital advertising strategy; remove the adversity sometimes felt with their sales team counterparts and bring about better communication and alignment; and finally it would mean a greater understanding of just how large buying groups move through the purchase decision process and how best to interact with decision makers throughout that process.

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ABM Offers Many Benefits for the Marketing & Sales Professional

Let’s start with a challenge each B2B marketer has faced in their career: the need and the desire to better align with Sales. With Jabmo’s IP-based account targeting approach you start the process in unison with your sales team: together, you identify a designated roster of target key account prospects. Now your omnichannel marketing strategy is focused on a group chosen in partnership with Sales. Utilizing our storehouse of IP data, all subsequent advertising is delivered to Target Account employees by virtue of their company IP address – office or VPN. Combined with our programmatic ad technology, your initial foray into account-based marketing is already paying dividends with improved alignment with sales and zero-wastage ad spend.

With Jabmo ABM and its suite of sales enablement tools, there’s even more for Sales to love about account-based marketing: clear concise reporting, real-time actionable data, and integrations with popular sales productivity platforms like Salesforce that your sales team is already working with in the field. Jabmo ABM is both a powerful omnichannel marketing platform and a force in promoting sales efficiency, output, and boosting selling power.

Jabmo Technology Features for Your Brand

The challenges for B2B marketing professionals are greater than ever: larger buying groups with decision-makers who prefer anonymity, the use of the Web to investigate product and vendor options as overwhelmingly seen in the B2C sector, long buying cycles with stakeholders only willing to surface themselves to a potential vendor when they are 90% through their buying journey. These are challenges that call for a marketing and sales platform that understands the environment both you and Sales are operating in.

Jabmo is the single source of truth for buyer behavior: a platform that features IP account sensing and scoring, sales insights, multi-channel marketing analytics, and omnichannel account-based advertising.

Modern, Integrated Marketing is Within Reach

Jabmo ABM helps you understand account readiness to commit based on anonymous buying signals: with IP-identified engagement activity in hand, you gain a greater understanding of how decision-makers are engaging with your marketing message.

Using Jabmo’s powerful account data platform, marketers are now able to able to get a 360o view of all marketing channels at the account level, understand where each key account is relative to specific points in the buying journey, and even track buying group activity from both known and anonymous contacts. For the first time, you will be able to identify buying groups forming within key accounts: whether they make themselves known or not. Watch how they interact with your content and how they journey through the various buying stages.

Happy Marketing Team, Appreciative Sales Team

Jabmo facilitates your ability to deliver clear, concise activity reports to sales via weekly key account reporting along with real time surge alerts that notify sales that a buying group purchase decision may be imminent. You proactively remove a burdensome individual lead model with reporting that focuses on buying group activity at large: a more certain approach to sharing actionable data with the sales team.

Combine your newfound insight into buying group behavior with a new sales enablement toolset unmatched by previous capabilities and where there was once uncertainty and unpredictable stakeholder behavior by key account buying groups, there is now more clarity and greater ability for sales to react with speed and certainty with timely value-added product information and offers that transform prospects into customers.

Every journey towards the possible starts with ‘what if’. Reimagine how B2B marketing can be: turn the ‘what ifs’ into the possible with Jabmo.

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Our customers love to share their success stories.

After working with over 100 of the world’s largest companies, we have helped create a lot of success stories. Whether our customers wanted to promote a new product launch, get in deeper at an existing account, land net-new contracts, and more – Jabmo has been alongside them, every step of the way.

Read through a few customer stories on our website and then reach out so an ABM strategist can start helping you plan out your own success story.

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How the Jabmo Omnichannel ABM Platform
Meets the B2B Challenge:

  • IP-based Account Targeting: marketing message focused on targets you designate
  • Omnichannel marketing: IP-based display ads, retargeting, social ads, email & website
  • Engagement data that unearths & amplifies even anonymous buying intent signals
  • Real time, concise updates that bring speed and clarity to reporting function

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