Jabmo announces Account Based Marketing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

San Francisco, 13 June, 2016 – Jabmo helps B2B companies build pipeline and accelerate sales cycles with company based website analytics, ad retargeting, website personalization and buying signals. The Jabmo integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables B2B marketers to:

  • Synchronize sales target account lists for ad nurturing
  • Identify new target accounts visiting the website
  • Send personalized retargeting ads to target accounts
  • Send buying signal alerts to sales reps
  • Measure marketing impact on sales at an account level

The bi‐directional integration synchronizes sales data with marketing data such as website pages viewed, emails viewed and ad banners clicked –at an account level.

“The combination between Account Based Marketing and Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows B2B companies to better align and prioritize their sales and marketing efforts,” said Nick Heys, CEO Jabmo.

Jan Gabriel, Marketing Director at ITS Integra, added « Jabmo and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are the driving force behind our Account Based Marketing Program. Our sales and marketing teams are now aligned around the same target accounts ‐leading to more pipeline and shorter sales cycles”.

Jabmo is an alumnus of the Microsoft Accelerator program and part of the first Global Startup Roadshow, a five‐day event in Seattle and Silicon Valley from June 13‐17.