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Using Jabmo’s Omnichannel ABM platform and services, First Onsite Property Restoration aligns  Marketing & Sales for key account engagement and revenue growth

PARIS & AUSTIN, Texas – June 14, 2022 – Jabmo, the leading provider of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions to the manufacturing, life sciences, and healthcare industries, is powering ABM for one of the largest disaster recovery and restoration providers in North America, First Onsite Property Restoration (First Onsite). Leveraging Jabmo’s Omnichannel ABM platform and services, First Onsite has driven strong alignment between Marketing and Sales to power key account engagement and sales performance. This ABM success story is detailed in a new case study, “Extending a helping hand with data driven marketing and sales enablement.”

“Business in the disaster recovery and property reconstruction space is inherently reactive,” said Adrian Fulle, VP of Marketing at First Onsite. “First disaster strikes, and then people reach out. But at First Onsite, we’re highly focused on growth and wanted to proactively educate key prospects and clients on our full range of high-quality services. We knew Jabmo was the ideal solution to reach decision makers within key accounts early, across all digital channels.”

Lance Menuey, Director of Digital Strategy at Jabmo, said, “First Onsite came to us with the ultimate goal of securing contracts with key accounts long before disaster ever happens. Since First Onsite specializes in so many practice areas and industries, personalized outreach was bound to be complex. As experts in ABM for complex B2B organizations, our team here at Jabmo was more than ready for the challenge.”  

First Onsite and Jabmo developed ABM campaigns around specific use cases, then selected target accounts that best fit each one. Use cases included:

  • Industry-specific campaigns where messaging speaks to the unique needs of specific verticals
  • Acquisition campaigns that reintroduce new additions to the First Onsite family
  • Natural disaster-focused campaigns that encourage key accounts in frequently affected regions to proactively prepare for natural disasters
  • Master service agreement (MSA) awareness campaigns that drive engagement with companies after they name First Onsite as their partner of choice

Marketing now delivers tailored messaging to known and anonymous buying group members within target accounts using Jabmo’s account-based advertising technology and integrations with all major marketing channels. The platform unites all IP and first-party data from website, ads, and social activity, then uncovers account-level insights into buying intent. These timely insights empower Sales to reach out at the perfect time, and the company has already begun securing MSAs with key accounts. 

Fulle concluded, “We’re seeing stronger communication and collaboration between Marketing and Sales than ever before. Individual sales reps are even bringing accounts and new use cases to Marketing for ABM campaigns. The possibilities are endless. This alignment has truly supercharged our sales efforts, and we’re already seeing new opportunities, bigger deals, and incredible company growth.”

To read the full First Onsite success story, visit:

For more insights from Fulle and Menuey on bringing Sales and Marketing together for powerful results, watch Jabmo’s free webinar on demand

About First Onsite
First Onsite is one of the largest and fastest-growing emergency response planning, mitigation and reconstruction service providers for commercial enterprises in North America. First Onsite employs over 2,300 team members and operates from more than 90 locations across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. With a culture focused on harnessing the human power of its team members and a commitment to doing what’s right, the First Onsite team helps clients restore, rebuild, and rise. First Onsite is a subsidiary of FirstService Corporation. For more information, go to or follow @firstonsite on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Jabmo
Founded in​ Paris, ​Jabmo​ ​is the worldwide leader in​ account-based marketing (ABM) for manufacturing, life science and other industries that rely on complex sales for growth. Jabmo USA is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company also has offices in EMEA and APAC. Jabmo offers a next-generation marketing technology platform and advertising solutions for B2B marketing & sales teams to grow reach, engagement, and revenue with key accounts.  ​​For more information or to request a demo, please visit:

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