Jabmo Announces New LinkedIn Integration For Manufacturing B2B Marketers

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Jabmo Announces New LinkedIn Integration For Manufacturing B2B Marketers

LinkedIn integration provides Jabmo users with deeper reach in target accounts and unified reporting for omnichannel account-based marketing

Paris, France & Austin, Texas – March 15, 2021 – Jabmo, the leading provider of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions to the manufacturing and life sciences industries, announces its latest integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. This new integration allows organizations with complex sales cycles to expand their ABM programs with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and see results within a single integrated account-data platform (ADP).

B2B marketers increasingly complement core display advertising and email channels with LinkedIn to accelerate buying group journeys. They engage target account decision-makers and influencers through Sponsored Content Ads (LinkedIn’s Native Ads) and Sponsored Messaging Ads (LinkedIn InMail). Jabmo users can now pull together detailed omnichannel marketing engagement data at an account level to empower revenue teams and drive target account growth.

Mark Durante, VP Product & Engineering at Jabmo, said, “This new LinkedIn integration is designed to provide B2B marketers with a single, unfiltered omnichannel view of their marketing activity at an account level. The best ABM practitioners deliver timely messages throughout the buyer journey across all digital channels including display, email and LinkedIn. The Jabmo Account Data Platform (ADP) integrates all marketing data directly from DSPs, MAPs and LinkedIn to deliver powerful account-based insights.”

With the LinkedIn and Jabmo integration, B2B marketers can:

· Engage more buyer group members in target accounts — Launch LinkedIn Message Ads to buying group members in target accounts based on job titles. Run multiple ad formats.

· Reduce LinkedIn marketing wastage — Leverage 1st party buying intent signals to prioritize target accounts before investing in relatively high-cost LinkedIn Advertising.

· Report on account engagement across multiple channels— Attribute account engagement to IP-Based Ads, Email, and LinkedIn ABM campaigns, providing more insight into how each channel influences account-level engagement, and surface insights to revenue teams.

Nick Heys, CEO of Jabmo concludes, “We are committed to helping marketers in manufacturing and life sciences become a new generation of digital sellers. Our customers are now seeing accelerated returns on their ABM investments thanks to our integrated omnichannel ABM Platform and Managed Services”.

About Jabmo

Founded in 2015, Jabmo is the worldwide leader in account-based marketing (ABM) for manufacturing, life sciences, and other industries that rely on complex sales for growth. Jabmo USA is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company also has offices in EMEA and APAC. Jabmo offers a next-generation marketing technology platform and advertising solutions for B2B marketing teams to grow reach, engagement, and revenue with key accounts. The company was named a leader in the Forrester New Wave™: ABM Platforms. For more information or to request a demo, please visit: www.jabmo.com.

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