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The white paper intends to help B2B marketers in the global manufacturing and life sciences industries grow key account engagement and revenue with a whole new approach to marketing. 

Paris, France & Austin, Texas – April 29, 2021 – Jabmo, the leading provider of Account-Based Marketing to manufacturing and Life Sciences, introduces a new white paper for CMO’s looking to connect with key account buyers and propel revenue growth through digital marketing. Named “The CMO’s Guide To Account-Based Marketing in Manufacturing & Life Sciences,” the white paper reveals how an account-centric approach to digital marketing will help address the new reality of B2B buying and selling. 

Manufacturing and Life Science companies are changing in more ways than one. The same can be said about B2B buyers, who have changed their buying habits considerably since the pandemic; choosing anonymous online avenues to begin their buying journey rather than openly interacting with a sales representative.  

This white paper urges CMO’s to embrace proven new approaches and lead their marketing departments to becoming the most strategic function in its organization. The white paper covers: 

  • How B2B Buying has Changed 
  • New Ways of Engaging Key Accounts 
  • Planning for ABM Success 
  • Selecting an ABM Vendor  
  • Budgeting for ABM 

CEO and Founder of Jabmo, Nick Heys, said, “Sales and marketing teams were already facing an uphill battle to reach their quota and revenue goals. With the pandemic, that climb grew larger. Most key account buyers are now exclusively online; avoiding sales representatives until they are more than halfway through their purchase journey. Utilizing an omnichannel ABM platform to embrace these new realities offers an unprecedented opportunity to companies who are looking to do more than ‘get by’ with their marketing investments.”  

Before, marketing plans were mainly centered around product lines, campaigns, and channels. Now, with new advances in marketing technology, CMO’s and their teams can put their key accounts at the center of their marketing efforts. To learn more about how to succeed with digital account-based marketing and take your marketing to the next level, download the full white paper available now 

About Jabmo 

Founded in​ 2015, ​Jabmo​ ​is the worldwide leader in​ account-based marketing (ABM) for manufacturing, life sciences, and other industries that rely on complex sales for growth. Jabmo USA is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company also has offices in EMEA and APAC. Jabmo offers a next-generation marketing technology platform and advertising solutions for B2B marketing teams to grow engagement, sales activity and revenue with key accounts. The company was recently named a leader in the Forrester New Wave™: ABM Platforms.

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