Jabmo Adds Dynamic Intent Scoring to its Comprehensive Omnichannel ABM Platform

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The new scoring methodology empowers B2B marketing and sales teams with timely insights into buying intent surges for optimal account selection and prioritization    

PARIS & AUSTIN, Texas – April 26, 2022 – Jabmo, the leading provider of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions to the manufacturing, life sciences, and healthcare industries, has introduced advanced intent scoring to its Omnichannel ABM platform. The updated scoring system now assigns each key account a numerical buying intent score from 0 to 100, based on first-party engagement data from all website activity and marketing interactions. This evaluation can be customized with specific criteria for dynamic results, surfacing data-driven insights that help B2B Marketing and Sales select the most valuable target accounts, prioritize those getting ready to buy, and win more deals faster. 

Tav Tepfer, Chief Commercial Officer at Jabmo, said, “Basic intent scoring methods typically involve designating accounts as one of three levels—hot, warm, or cool, with ‘hot’ meaning most likely to buy. But with so much data at their fingertips, today’s B2B marketers need more precise insights into engagement activity, as well as customizable ways to slice and dice that information based on their unique priorities. Jabmo’s new intent scoring methodology empowers our clients to do just that. They can take full advantage of all their valuable first-party data to prime the right key accounts with ABM, ensure Sales can act at the right time, and even identify high-value new accounts not yet on their radar.”

Intent scores for key accounts and target accounts are delivered through the Jabmo Account Sensing dashboard. To generate these scores, Jabmo’s account sensing technology identifies accounts engaging with website and marketing content. The ABM platform monitors all interactions—from both known and anonymous visitors—to uncover where an account has moved along the buying group journey and when it may be ready for the next Marketing or Sales action. Then, Jabmo allocates a dynamic score between 0 and 100 to each account, based on a comprehensive evaluation of engagement activities, company attributes, and customizable filters. 

Account-level intent score components include: 

  • Buying group size, including known and anonymous buying group members 
  • Key pages viewed, average time spent, and content consumed
  • Activity on pages designed for specific stages of the buying group journey  
  • Omnichannel engagement signals
  • And more

Jabmo users can further refine their evaluations by selecting specific filters, such as:

  • Date ranges
  • Industries and sectors
  • Countries and regions
  • Accounts and divisions
  • Marketing channels

Nick Heys, CEO of Jabmo, said, “Jabmo aims to provide the essential technology to power data-driven sales and marketing. Our ABM Platform continues to evolve for both marketing and sales users in the manufacturing, life sciences, and healthcare industries. With this latest update, our customers can not only go deep on target accounts selected for account-based advertising, but also gain greater visibility into all accounts engaging with their website and marketing content anonymously. Ultimately, these insights help Marketing and Sales teams win more deals faster by focussing and engaging with the key accounts most likely to buy.”

For more information about Jabmo’s award-winning platform and account intent scoring methodology, visit www.jabmo.com.

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Jabmo ​is the account-based marketing (ABM) leader in the manufacturing,  life science, and healthcare industries. Our ABM platform and services help modern sales and marketing teams identify high priority accounts based on first party data, engage entire buying groups with omnichannel ads, and close more deals faster with actionable sales insights. Jabmo USA is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company also has offices in EMEA and APAC. ​​For more information please visit: www.jabmo.com.

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