Jabmo’s Chief Commercial Officer Shares Insights on Data-driven ABM at The ON24 Experience

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Now available on demand, Tav Tepfer’s virtual session explores how to collect, organize, and act on first-party engagement data for B2B Marketing and Sales success

PARIS & AUSTIN, Texas – June 01, 2022 – Jabmo , the leading provider of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions to the manufacturing, life sciences, and healthcare industries, announces a virtual presentation from Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Tav Tepfer, is now available on demand through The ON24 Experience. In the session titled, “Using Engagement Data to Transform Your Marketing,” Tepfer and Tessa Baron, ON24 VP of Marketing, explore how B2B marketers can make practical use of data to power their ABM and digital marketing strategies.

The ON24 Experience is an interactive virtual summit designed to help companies deliver more value to audiences, generate more insights, and convert prospects into customers. As CCO at Jambo, Tepfer has helped the world’s leading manufacturing and life sciences companies drive growth with cutting edge Account-Based Marketing strategies and technologies. Tepfer brings this proven ABM expertise and industry-specific perspective to her breakout session, where viewers will learn:

  • How B2B buying has changed in the digital buying group era
  • How to generate engagement data from digital experiences
  • How to culminate first-party data from all digital touchpoints to understand buying group intent
  • How to surface actionable insights that really matter to Marketing and Sales

Tepfer said, “In the world of digital B2B buying and selling, large buying groups hold all the power. Sales reps used to be the go-to source for all knowledge about a company’s solutions, but now buyers can go online to get every piece of information they need to make a decision—without ever contacting Sales. It’s time for marketers to take back control. So in this ON24 Experience session, we dive into how marketers can leverage first-party data to guide entire buying groups through the digital journey, then empower Sales to act when the time is right.”

Baron and Tepfer wrap up the presentation with insights into refining messaging, connecting touchpoints, accelerating buying journeys, and creating end-to-end digital experiences.

“First-party data is such a valuable resource. But without a way to aggregate it and make data actionable, it’s just disconnected data points and noise,” concluded Tepfer. “At Jabmo, we help our clients unite and analyze all their marketing data at an account level for visibility into engagement across key accounts that really matter. I’m excited for this opportunity to share what I’ve learned at Jabmo, so attendees can start harnessing data in their own organizations.”

To watch “Using Engagement Data to Transform Your Marketing,” please visit: https://ve.on24.com/vshow/ON24X2022/exhibits/Home.

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