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Fleet Industry

ABM in the Fleet-Management Industry

In the fleet-management industry, employees are the ultimate decision makers, but it's the companies who write the checks. Today's leading fleet companies are challenged to influence the vehicle-selection decisions of drivers while primarily doing business with their employers. Regulations prevent fleet companies from having direct contact with drivers. But some...

Influencing User Choosers with Account-Based Marketing

The new, anonymous and digital buying journey in the automotive industry is alienating and distancing car manufacturers and distributors with buyers. Middle-men, or “gatekeepers,” like Carwow are hindering communication between car manufacturers and importers of the deal. These broken linkages are also making it more difficult to pick up on...

3 Ways Fleet-Management Companies Are Differentiating in 2018

Focusing on value, not price. Buying organizations have wised up and are willing to look away from list price and toward the value a fleet company delivers to their organizations. Have statistics about how your fleet program boosts employee retention or your fuel management program detects and prevents abuse? Use...

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