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Medical & Life Sciences Products

Trends Impacting Buying in the Life Sciences Industry

The life sciences industry is undergoing significant changes, so it’s no surprise that marketing to industry buyers must change too. SOURCES [1] PwC. Global top health industry issues. Defining the healthcare of the future. [2] Deloitte. 2018 Global life sciences outlook. Innovating life sciences in the fourth industrial revolution: Embrace, build, grow....

Marketing Medtech for the Value-Based Buyer

Medtech and pharma buyers are moving away from price- and features-based purchasing decisions and toward more holistic value-based purchasing models. Marketing messages to these buyers must be more complex, sequenced, and relevant in order to tell an effective, value-focused story. Sources: [1] Deloitte 2018 Global life sciences outlook [2] BCG, Why Every...

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