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We’re Jabmo. Here’s Why We’re Different.
If you are reading this, the chances are pretty high that you already know the value of Account-Based Marketing. As a formal process supported by technology, it has only been around for a few years, but 90 percent of marketers already call ABM a “must-have,” according to SiriusDecisions.
If you’re planning to make ABM a part of your marketing strategy, you won’t get far without the necessary tools and systems. Here are five key reasons to choose Jabmo as your ABM partner:
We were born international.
Companies aren’t just local anymore, and neither are your accounts. Targeting and engaging these “glocal” (global and local) accounts requires knowledge of buying committees across countries and corporate subsidiaries. Unlike our competitors, Jabmo was designed as an international solution for account sensing, advertising and retargeting from day 1.
We enable hyper awareness.
MarTech is evolving rapidly, and ABM is no exception. However, marketing automation systems continue to rely on email tracking and basic IP lookup technologies for anonymous buyer tracking. This is not enough power for today’s anonymous buyer. Jabmo tracks over 10X more target account activity across all customer digital touchpoints using a unique mix of IP, cookie, email, fingerprint, AI and machine learning technologies.
We unify channels and devices.
Companies have more digital touchpoints now than ever before. Brand engagement occurs across multiple channels (display ads, web, email, search, social) and devices (computers, tablets, mobile). If you can’t see your target account interactions across all channels and devices, you’re missing parts of your customers’ journeys. Jabmo maintains continuity across all touchpoints, unifying interactions and providing actionable insights.
We personalize the brand experience.
Most website personalization systems only work for visitors that have filled in a webform. However, over 95% of site visitors never fill out web forms. To combat this increasing aversion to webforms, you need a modern system to personalize your web site experience for first time visitors, even if they never fill in a webform. Jabmo was designed to power website personalization to build memorable buying experiences for your target accounts.
We offer a comprehensive solution for ABM
Jabmo offers the only integrated ABM software platform AND a set of professional services to ensure your program is successful. Our customer success teams provide Enterprise class services including On-Boarding, Training, Integrations, Sales Enablement, Creative, Testing, Analytics and Workshops.

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