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Marketing automation alone does not generate enough qualified leads. Automated emails sent to leads who filled out a web form on your website simply don’t cut it any more. In fact, 95% of visitors leave a website without filling out the online form and more than 80% of marketing e-mails are never opened. This means that, using traditional marketing automation techniques, only 1% of visitors to your website will open an email from you. And that’s before you even get into click-throughs and conversion rates. Account-Based Marketing acts as a complement to Marketing Automation e-mails, identifying more “top of funnel” target accounts and retargeting them through banner advertising programs.
Retargeting target accounts, or Account-Based Retargeting, is part of a new, high performance B2B strategy that allows you to sell more and sell better to your existing target accounts, or to gain new accounts. Made possible through Account-Based Marketing, this strategy ties in perfectly with a Marketing Automation strategy, allowing you to reach out through personalized advertising banners to only the most valuable clients and prospects which you determine. With Account-Based Retargeting, marketers can reach out to prospects on an individual basis through channels with which they are already familiar.
Because ABM is by its nature personalised, campaigns are automatically geared towards the right audience, who can then decide when they are ready to commit. There is a noticeable positive effect on the ROI because by limiting banner exposure to these target accounts, the budget is concentrated on the most highly receptive people who can be engaged and accompanied up until the final purchase.
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