The Challenges Facing Today’s Global B2B Marketer

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The world of B2B Buying has changed beyond recognition in recent decades. Today’s “hyper-aware” buyers do most of their research online—silently and anonymously—creating real challenges for marketers. Account-based marketing and advertising can meet these challenges—powerfully reaching anonymous buyers—and allowing you to close more, higher-value sales.
B2B marketing: a rapidly changing world
The once tranquil world of B2B marketing has been turned upside down in a short period. CMOs and their teams are increasingly asked to operate globally—to reach an equally global population of hyper-aware buyers. These players have access to a wealth of highly-informative content that would have been scarcely imaginable, a decade ago. Right now thousands of anonymous buyers are silently researching, assessing, and making decisions about your company and product. For B2B marketers working to keep up, it can be the best of times—and the worst of times. Why? Because today’s B2B world offers huge opportunities—and some serious challenges.
Anonymous buyers who switch seamlessly between devices
Buyers are doing their online research anonymously, in a way they never did in the old world; second rate content just won’t do. Sellers have to evolve to match buying cycles, which are over 50% over before contact is made with sales reps.
Moreover, buyers switch seamlessly between devices, from office desktop, to smartphone as they travel.
The traditional sales-funnel: an obsolete model
These new realities have dealt a body blow to the traditional sales-funnel model. Yet many companies do what they’ve always done: putting leads into the funnel, hoping to convert a proportion.  It’s a vain hope—because research shows that today 99% of leads never convert to a sale. Marketing experts predict that companies that fail to embrace these new realities will be “dead in the water”—within a few years. But this time, as digital transforms buyers’ behavior, it’s CMOs, and their teams, who are in the hot seat.
Account-based marketing and advertising: meeting the challenges for today’s B2B marketers
Can these challenges be met? In short, yes. For many marketers the key has been account-based marketing and advertising. They have abandoned old-style MQLs—and moved toward target accounts to be won and developed over the long term.
These digital savvy marketers know their targets, and they harness advanced account-based advertising platforms to reach them. They tap into new developments in IP and cookie-based technologies to identify and engage their target accounts. As a result, the problem of buyer anonymity becomes a thing of the past. Today’s platforms tell them when buyers from their target accounts visit their website—and they can even display ads to target-account contacts who have never visited it.
The same platforms allow them to display relevant, personalized, and engaging ads to the complex networks involved in researching and buying their products—at times that perfectly match their stage in the buying cycle.
Device switching is mastered too. Their platforms ensure that the same content can be displayed in a user-friendly way whatever device their target is using. When it comes to global accounts, their tools draw on international databases to link buyers to accounts and follow them on the move—wherever they are.
This skillful deployment of account-based advertising means your buyers are much more likely to engage. Marketers can do more than rise to today’s global challenges—they can thrive on them. And that means larger deals, more sales closed, and rising revenues.

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