Five Tips for Winning the Manufacturing Customer

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You’ve probably already heard about the ‘new buyer’ and how the world of B2B has changed more in the last 5 years than ever before. But what does this really mean and why does it matter? Below we’ve combined the biggest challenges in B2B marketing with tips on how to overcome them.

1. Don’t be the last to jump on the digital train
According to Forrester, 92 percent of purchases start with an online search. The habits of online consumers aren’t left at home – they’re also followed into the workplace. IDC claims that by 2018, only 30 percent of manufacturers investing in the digital transformation will be able to maximize the outcome while the rest will be left behind due to outdated business models and technologies. Don’t be one of them!

2. Don’t neglect anonymous buyers – Your competitors won’t
In addition to being digital, buyers today are researching anonymously months before they even show up on your radar. By the time you detect them, they’ve already completed over half of the buying journey and are not interested in talking to any sales reps (CEB 2015). But it doesn’t start and end there. Unleash your account-sensing solutions to pick up on buying signals and to educate and nurture your invisible buyers.

3. Conquer the entire buying committee in time
According to research by Gartner, the average B2B buying committee exceeds a dozen people, and their knowledge and opinions are largely formed during informal scouting or more structured internet research. This stage is crucial and you don’t want to be excluded. Tap into those dialogues early by tracking their movements and tailoring your messaging and offerings to their desires.

4. Don’t bore your customers with generic messaging
We’re currently in the era of customer-obsession and buyers today expect relevant and personalized messaging. Use your account-sensing technology to find out about your customers, their needs and their interests. Then engage them with relevant, personalized, and sequenced ads that perfectly correspond with their needs and the timing of their buying cycles.

5. Don’t let traditional marketing strategies hold you back
If you can narrow your resources on targeting your highest-valued customers, why not do it? With account-based marketing, you can effectively align all your sales and marketing resources to win and expand the exactly right accounts every time.

It’s time to update your marketing and selling strategy and adapt them to the customers you’re trying to win. Check out our White Paper to learn more about the challenges facing B2B marketers and ways to transform this chaos into opportunities.

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