You Had Me At Hello : Website Personalization that Makes a Great First Impression

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People who are enthusiastic, welcoming, friendly, and engaging often create a great first impression. Why should websites be any different? They are as much responsible for forming a potential customer’s first impression of your company as a face-to-face meeting would be. Website personalization can certainly help you achieve this good first impression by making your company look enthusiastic, engaging and welcoming
B2B buyers today want content that is increasingly targeted, and expect businesses to find the best possible way to approach them by suggesting experiences that correspond to them and reflect their evolving needs.
By far the best way to make this happen is website personalization – personalize both your exchanges with them and their points of contact with you. The ability to adapt campaigns according to the geographical position, the sector, and the buying behaviour of your customers and prospects is a real advantage.
Now more than ever, B2B buyers are better informed, more selective and quicker to say no. Being bombarded with generic marketing messages just doesn’t fly these days, which is why website personalization is so important for first time website visitors. If your website doesn’t immediately provide a solution to the buyer’s needs, they will bounce off your page and seek products or information elsewhere.
Have your B2B buyers at hello
Until recently, B2B marketers could only personalize the web experience to known visitors using Marketing Automation software such as Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua or Hubspot. However, according to SiriusDecisions, 95% of B2B website visitors leave without ever filling in a webform. Now B2B marketers can serve up relevant and personalized content to all website visitors and generate superior returns on their marketing programs. Interested in finding out how?
Eager to create a website that accelerates engagement, conversion and retention of your prospects and existing customers? Great first impressions are made through great content which is tailored to the target accounts that matter the most – the accounts you’ve identified as your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
With website personalization, you are essentially being the person you would want to meet – and these days, that’s an absolute delight.

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