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Every business has a marketing department with its own long-standing challenges, goals, and systems. Altering an existing strategy is nothing to scoff at—it takes time, money, energy, and commitment from employees at all levels.
But in 2018, it’s time for change. Research shows that B2B buying has changed drastically over the last five years. With cross-functional buying committees, the ever-expanding wealth of information available online, and prospects’ increasing reluctance to identify themselves early in their buying journeys, the game has not only changed but become more complex.
While these emerging trends may seem intimidating to confront, B2B marketers can rest assured that they need not revamp their entire strategy to stay current, but rather make slight alterations to existing processes.
With account-based marketing (ABM), sellers can do just that. By implementing ABM, B2B marketers add value to their existing processes in the following ways:

  • Direct marketing to the right people in the right places. Through account-sensing technologies, sellers using ABM can identify the anonymous buyers at their target accounts early in their buying processes.
  • Align marketing and sales teams. Imagine how effectively you could reach your prospects if marketing and sales were on the same page! Sellers using ABM have united with marketers to communicate the same serialized, value-based messaging throughout their target accounts’ buying journeys.
  • Win more deals, accelerate the sales cycle, and increase deal size. When sellers reach prospects with relevant content and consistent value messaging from the very beginning of their research processes, it’s no surprise that ABM yields measurable, impressive results.

It’s not overhaul; it’s innovation. And it’s worth it.

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