Why “Do Nothing” is no longer an option for B2B Marketers

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What’s the new norm?
Change is. Heard that one before? Probably. But if you’re a B2C marketer, you’ll know how true it is. And the B2B world—once considered the “quiet man” of digital marketing is no exception.
The real driver is the sheer volume of information out there. B2B buyers are now better informed. The days when they called a sales rep are long gone. The information your buyers need to form an opinion is easily accessible on your website and on your competitors. It’s no surprise that marketers refer to today’s B2B buyers as “hyper-aware.” Right now thousands of them are silently researching, assessing, and making decisions about your company, product or service.
The key challenge to the new, better informed buyer is their anonymity. 95% of B2B buyers start off with a internet search, they check out your website anonymously and then leave without a trace (SiriusDecisions, 2015). And those rate buyers that fill in a web form will already have made their way through 57-70% of their buying journey (CEB), and sometimes as much as 90% (Forrester).
Traditional email marketing and sales strategies are outdated
Most thought leaders agree that traditional B2B marketing and sales methods will soon be relics of a bygone age. With 99% of leads never converting to a sale, marketers know that the email centric marketing model is a 20th- century solution to a 21st-century challenge. Unfortunately today it’s a  model that’s being driven ever harder—and ever less successfully.
Every company claims to be “agile” these days. Despite these claims, many companies have been caught in the twin headlights of arthritic corporate structures and a sea of information. Experts think that companies that fail to embrace the new realities will be “dead in the water”—within a few years.. If there’s one certainty in this complex picture, it’s that “do nothing” really is no longer an option.
Account Based Marketing (ABM) now offers a radical alternative allowing B2B marketers to rise to the challenge. Its focus is not on leads and individuals, but on accounts to be targeted, nurtured and won. ABM has been around since the 1990s, but in recent years, technology has evolved to scale this strategy.
Account-Based Advertising – designed for the anonymous buyer
Account-Based Advertising is the concept of using the latest in IP and cookie-based technologies to identify buyers and influencers at your target accounts—and only your target accounts—displaying relevant, personalized, and engaging ads to them—at times that perfectly match their stage in the buying cycle.
Account-Based Advertising has the potential to increase your revenues by shortening sales cycles, generate larger deals and increase win rates.
Corporate change is never easy, but embracing an account-based model doesn’t have to be a leap into the unknown. Today’s platforms offer powerful, user-friendly, and intuitive options that can make the journey smoother. Surviving the new realities of B2B marketing—and even thriving on them—is easier than you think.

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