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Are you really interesting enough?
Big deals mean big decision-makers and qualified influencers. To stay on top in their respective industries and professions, these people are very selective when it comes to information and sources. Most of the content offered will be rejected at first glance, along with the sources providing it.
Your KAM sales reps know this first-hand, and would never underestimate their customers.
So, they focus on the relatively few accounts most likely to secure solid revenues. To get their pitch absolutely right for each specific target account, they search for critical pieces of information, listen and learn.
So, what about your Account-Based Marketing? Does your ABM content immediately catch the attention of the right people in your key accounts and leads? Does it really inspire new thoughts or challenge their preconceived views? Not just once, but again and again throughout the buying cycle?
To stay interesting to the same people throughout a long buying journey, you also need a reasonably high frequency. Like, what they expect to find in their favorite industry or business magazine.
Think like an editor-in-chief
The editors of the most respected industry and business publications are very keen to maintain their credibility as well-informed and unbiased journalists. Their professional integrity. It’s about what you write, and how you write it: Always maintaining the reader perspective, not highlighting your company or product name, et cetera. Writing captivating headlines is an art in itself.
Focusing their editorial content on topics of current or potential interest to their targeted readers is in their blood and their job description. But over time it becomes increasingly challenging to stay ahead of what their audience look for, and what they already know.
To generate a sufficient flow of fresh ideas, the editor may call in an editorial board, say, every few months. Also, he or she will always be on the lookout for industry news and other third party content of interest to their readers.
Three main sources of relevant content
So much for magazine editors, but what about content marketing? You can stay interesting while at the same time promote your own interests by:

  • Educating them, while at the same time being perceived as a thought-leader.
  • Affecting their perspectives on economy, quality, environmental aspects.
  • Leading them towards other content relating to solutions, case stories, seminars.
  • All this is also designed to strengthen the brand with your key accounts and leads.

Original content
Nothing beats well-conceived and executed original content. But time and resources are obvious limiting factors. And, over time it becomes increasingly challenging to come up with ideas for unique quality content, again and again. And, unlike the aforementioned magazine editors, you discreetly have to consider the best interests of your own company.
Re-publishing with a twist
Another, often forgotten source of qualified content is previously produced articles, whitepapers or other documentation that could easily be updated, brushed-up and “editorialized”. Maybe with new headlines, subheads, introductions, illustrations and captions (i.e. the elements that tend to be seen and evaluated by the reader first). In many cases you can take a generic text and, by simply changing a few words or adding an industry-specific example, add the impact of recognition and relevance.
In most industries there is a steady flow of news and articles in the world’s trade, business and social media. Re-publishing the best pieces in your own website or editorial landing page, with or without your own introduction or updating comments, is an excellent way to turn up the frequency.
New tools for content management and easy publishing
Over the past ten years or so, content marketing including Account-Based Marketing has effectively changed the face of B2B marketing and sales. This evolution has also brought a number of technical innovations to make life easier for B2B marketing professionals worldwide. One fairly recent development is software solutions for the easy production, re-publication and curation of account-based content and ads. This ensures that the content you have produced is delivered to the right accounts at the right time – and in an automated fashion. This makes it much more scalable, efficient and sure to impact your customers.

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