Real-time customer insight, B2B: Nurture your prioritized accounts 24/7

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Today, traditional marketing research rarely seems to fit in with the accelerating pace in B2B marketing and sales. It is simply too slow. Fundamental customer needs and priorities may not change that fast, but business communication and interaction do. Fueled by never-ending digital information flows, your customers’ internal dialogues evolve 24/7.
That goes for your established accounts and your prime leads too. Long before their first encounter with your sales rep, known and anonymous stakeholders around their organization freely discuss their company’s needs and priorities, product specifications, budget frames, supplier preferences and shortlisting parameters.
To bend these buying motives and parameters even one inch your way, you need to tap into these dialogues early and then keep a keen ear to the ground throughout their buying journey. In other words, you need to be Hyper-Aware of their every move.
How alert can you be?
Firstly, it’s a matter of numbers. In order to monitor exactly what all relevant stakeholders are doing and offer the precisely right messages and content at the right time, you must dare to be selective and focus on a manageable number of companies. The same companies that your sales reps are nurturing right now.
Secondly, it’s a matter of organization and culture. Sales and Marketing must be totally aligned, sharing the same customer insight, objectives, strategies and KPIs. To stay with this strategy through thick and thin, your top management must be onboard too.
Thirdly, it’s a matter of work tools and knowhow to plan and implement a successful ABM strategy.
How relevant can you be?
To earn your targeted customers’ attention and trust, you must prove your worth as a viable business partner. Not by flaunting your God-sent solutions, but rather by demonstrating your deep understanding of their business challenges and opportunities. Proving it, not just bragging about it. Your KAM sales team already knows all that, but what about your marketing team?
In most cases, it takes relatively few customers and prioritized leads to generate a major share of your revenues. Your KAM people may have gathered a lot of info at their first points of contact, but nobody can get a total grip on a large and complex organization. They need more help, and more specific help, from Marketing.
Real insight and real influence, here and now
The marketing team may have developed temporary campaigns for the industry segment and a nuts & bolts PowerPoint presentation for the targeted account, but the bulk of your current marketing budget is most likely invested far from the real action.
Why? Because you are using the funds to build the brand “long-term”?
Well, unless you have unlimited resources, shouldn’t your brand building also focus on the accounts that are most likely to generate revenues for your company? Shouldn’t it be optimized to reach all potential decision-makers and influencers in these very companies more frequently = closer to all those internal discussions? And, forget about “long-term”. According to independent studies, more than 90 percent of your messages are forgotten within 30 days.
The sole purpose of customer research is to enhance insight for mutually rewarding customer relations. Today, the only relevant insight is about relevant behavior here and now. And sensing of target account behaviour is at the very core of the Jabmo ABM Platform.

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